The lines and bulges that some bras can cause can be uncomfortable, even embarrassing. They can keep us from wearing some fantastic clothes and have us worrying about the appearance of our bodies. Many women deal with back fat, and wearing the wrong bra for your body can make you feel less than confident.

Wearing the wrong bra style can amplify the appearance of back fat. If this is something you’d like to avoid, a smoothing bra can help even out back fat for a better fit under clothes. Keep reading below for our recommendations for smoothing bras that even out back fat and how you can find the perfect fit for you.

Best Bra for Back Fat Overall

MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra

The MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra is one of the best smoothing bras that provides back support. With smoothing criss-crossed back panels that provide posture support, adjustable straps, and a front hook-and-eye closure, this bra smooths things out while helping to improve posture. This full coverage bra is great fit for plus-size women, and is available in a wide range of sizes up to 58K.

The MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra is also on our best full coverage bras list.

Best Plus Size Bras for Back Fat

Shopping for plus-size bras that provide ample coverage, support, and comfort can be a daunting task. If hiding back fat is what you’re looking for, your search can become even more tricky. These are the two best plus-size bras we recommend for covering back fat:

Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire Bra

This underwire bra is all about smoothing support. The extra-wide racerback design is made of silky smooth fabric that helps even things out, and a snap front-closure makes it easy to get on and off. Fit for band sizes 34 to 48 and cup sizes B through H, this smoothing bra provides full support and full coverage for women of all sizes. With smooth in its name, this underwire bra lives up to its expectations.

You can purchase both the Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire Bra and the MagicLift Bra from our front closure bras page.

Front-Closure T-Back WonderWire Bra

When it comes to dealing with back fat, wearing a full coverage bra that covers across your back is key to eliminating the dreaded bulge. That being said, a bra that smooths out back fat doesn’t need to be unsightly. The T-Back Front-Closure WonderWire Bra is a wonderful style for smoothing out back fat. This bra features a T-back design with a wide band that comfortably covers the widest part of your back for a smooth fit. With adjustable straps, a snap front-closure, and wide bottom band, this bra has a smooth fit all-around. Plus, the lace-topped cups add a feminine touch. This bra is pretty, supportive, and provides complete coverage, making it our recommendation for the best bra for battling back fat. You can purchase this bra from Glamorise, linked here.

Best Bra for Hiding Side and Back Fat

WonderWire Front-Closure Posture Back Bra

This bra truly has it all. Featuring seamless cups, a snap front-closure, and a wide racerback with back support panels, this bra combines the seamless fit you want with the back coverage you need. It is truly everything you need in an everyday bra.

Available in band sizes 34 to 46 and cup sizes C through H, this bra is a must-have when it comes to all-around smoothing coverage and support. You can purchase this seamless bra from Glamorise, linked here.

Best Wireless Bra for Hiding Back Fat

MagicLift Minimizer Bra

The MagicLift Minimizer Bra is the best wireless bra that hides back fat. This style features our signature wireless design that uses an inner-bust band to lift and shape the bust. The minimizer cups reduce bust appearance by one cup size and the wide bottom band helps smoothen out your silhouette. For a smoother look under any clothing, you can’t go wrong with the MagicLift Minimizer Bra.

Best Support Bras for Lift and Back Fat

MagicLift Original Support Bra

When it comes to providing lift and shape while also smoothing out back fat, the MagicLift Original Support Bra is a consistent favorite. This wireless bra features our MagicLift design that lifts the bust with supportive inner-bust bands in each cup. The wide bottom band smooths out underarms and back fat, while the adjustable straps and back hook-and-eye closure make this full coverage bra feel like it was made for you. Fit for sizes 36B through 56J, this best-selling style is a must-have if you’re looking for lift, shape, and all-around support. You can find this bra at Glamorise here.

Best Full Coverage Bras for Back Fat

WonderWire Front-Closure Bra

If you deal with side and back fat that an uncomfortable bra can amplify, the WonderWire Front-Closure Bra is a style that can help smooth things out all around. This bra features a cushioned underwire for support,a front-closure that snaps into place, and extra-wide padded shoulder straps for comfort. Since this bra fastens in the front, the wide band provides much-needed smoothing coverage under your arms and back. Plus, the lace-topped cups feature side-bust control for added shaping and support. You can purchase this bra here.

What Causes “Back Fat”?

Back fat is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone who wears the wrong kind of bra. While weight and chest size may factor in, wearing the wrong size bra is often the root of the issue. If you are wearing the wrong bra size, your breasts may be lacking the proper support which can alter the entire fit of your bra. A band can squeeze too tightly, and straps can clamp down on your back and shoulders, creating a lumpy illusion.

To battle the back bulge, what you need is an excellent fitting and idea of what bra to wear. There are plenty of smoothing bra options that help even out any imperfections. Here are some things to look for in the right bra for smoothing out the appearance of back fat.

1. Try a Different Closure

Guessing your size can be challenging, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right hooks on a bra. If you want to avoid the game, you can opt for a front-closure bra. Not only will this make it easier to close your bra, but it will also help smooth out your back. There’s no worrying about a back closure. Instead, the back panels will be smooth and flat across your back and shoulders.

However, keep in mind that size still plays a role here. Though the panels may help smooth out imperfections, wearing the wrong bra size can still cause the appearance of some lumps and bumps. Choose the right size, and you can say goodbye to any unsightly lines.

2. A Shaper Bra

If you want a little extra support and comfort all over, a shaper bra may be the style for you. Longline bras and similar designs with more back coverage can give you that at-ease feeling and a little extra boost. These smoothing bras make for a more smoother look and more confident feel. Again, the fit is imperative if you want your bra to sit correctly and comfortably. Wearing the wrong size can have the opposite effect.

3. Panels are Key

If you want smooth lines, go for a bra with solid and wide panels. Select a design with wider panels on the side and back. Thinner panels tend to squeeze, especially if they hit too low on the back. This can cause the bra to pinch and give the illusion of a lumpy back, even if you don’t have one. To avoid this, try a bra that has wider panels for a smooth, long look.

4. Be Mindful of Bust Size

A common factor in having back fat is having a bigger bust. Again, back fat appears when a bra strap pulls tightly against the skin. If you are sporting a D cup or larger, your breasts are heavier and therefore pull more against your bra. Minimizer bras can offer extra support and help maintain shape while eliminating those back lumps.

Also, be sure to select a bra with a well-fitting band and cup. With the right fit, your bra won’t be straining to hold up the girls or squeezing them to keep them in place.

5. Watch the Straps

Are your shoulders or upper back squeezing out of your bra? If so, your bra straps may be the problem. Your straps shouldn’t be so tight they are pinching into your skin. The primary function of bra straps is to hold the cups up and in place, not to provide support. The band of your bra is what provides the majority of the support. We recommend bras with adjustable straps so you can adjust them to your perfect fit and avoid any painful and unsightly squeezing on your shoulders.

6. Material is Key

When selecting a bra, you should note that the fabric can have a significant impact on how it looks and feels. Opt for a smoothing, microfiber fabric that will comfortably hug the body. You can also go for a more reinforced fabric that could add a little more support. You don’t want to pick an overly stretchy or cheap fabric that may wear out. A bra made of flimsy fabrics won’t feel as comfortable or smooth out creases as well as a bra made of quality fabrics.

7. Bye-Bye, Old Bra!

Since we wear our bras everyday, they can wear out faster than other garments we don’t wear as regularly. After some time, your once supportive bra may not be up to the task anymore. Older bras can wear out to the point where they don’t provide you enough support anymore. If you’re constantly tightening the band or adjusting straps to help smooth out the appearance of back fat, it might be time to invest in a new quality bra.

Time doesn’t just affect our bras; our bodies change too! Weight, pregnancy, or just plain age can alter our bodies. The old-standby bra you used to wear just may not be a fit for your body any longer. The easiest way to fix it is to update your bra and your fitting. Use our Bra Size Calculator to determine your perfect fit.



What kind of bra makes you look thinner?

If you want a back smoothing bra that helps to hide the appearance of back fat, we recommend the Front-Closure Posture Back WonderWire Bra. This back smoothing bra has full coverage cups and a wide racerback design that helps to create a sleek silhouette.

Which type of bra is used for sagging?

The type of bra that works best for sagging is a bra that fits well. Whether you prefer wireless bras or underwires is a personal preference – both styles offer lift and support of sagging breasts. Learn more in our guide to finding bras for sagging breasts.


Concluding Thoughts

Many women deal with bra back bulges and the appearance of back fat when wearing a bra. However, with the right bra size and a few of these fit tips, you can find a bra that not only smooths out back fat but feels comfortable and supportive all day, too.

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