Bras are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. While some girls may be able to go braless, that’s not exactly a luxury for all women. Unfortunately, bras can get a little costly, especially since we have to wear them daily.

Since our bodies change and we tend to put them through the wringer, bras tend to be one of those pricey things we have to repurchase time and time again. While this may not be an issue for those who fit into the A through C cup crowd, plus-sized and bigger sized bras tend to cost a pretty penny. So, why are these bras so expensive, and is it worth shelling out that extra cash?

A High Price for a Full Bust

Fit is incredibly important when it comes to selecting a bra. However, that’s not the only significant piece of the puzzle. A quality bra is an essential component of a full wardrobe, but it may come at a price.

While women at the lower side of the bra size spectrum don’t suffer from this issue, it should be noted that a lot more goes into designing full-bust bras. Unlike smaller sizes, there are plenty more aspects to worry about: size, fit, support, and comfort are just a few, and with heavier or larger sizes, some more finesse is required when constructing a bra.

To craft a well-made bra, designers need to sketch, plan, and form a design that will complement the body. These bras may require extra material, testing, and tweaking when it comes to straps, closure, and durability.

While you could grab some cheap bottom-shelf bra, you may find yourself replacing it after a short time. So, what goes into making a quality bra?

Building the Components

When it comes to making a bra, designers have plenty to think about. When constructing the perfect fit, they must go through a lot of trial and error. As the cup size grows, bras need to be made with stronger, more durable fabrics. The straps have to be tailored to fit the design and may need to be thicker to support the added weight evenly. Besides, these styles include wires to prove the bra with more shape and support.

Depending on the design, each bra has a different function: full cup, demi-cup, strapless, T-back, or convertible, and many more. The goal is to contain and support the girls, and as the size goes up, more support is required.

In addition to a more thorough design, the range of detailing of fabric increases as well. Bras are often constructed from silk, microfiber, moisture-wicking fabric, and so much more. These wardrobe essentials need to be long-lasting as well as functional. There is simply much more work put into these bras.

When it comes to the order of operations, the creation of a bra goes a little something like this: designer, maker, distributor. The designer comes up with the concept and tests the style. The garment is then hand-made, and each design is personalized.

Every single style created has a different pattern and process. From there, once the bras are complete, they are given to the distributor. And everyone needs a cut.

The design range makes bra creation a bit more complicated. There is a need for variety from bras you wear daily to sports bras or going out bras. Plus, these bras need to last. Everyday wear and tear are factors in, especially when you need extra lift, support, or coverage.

With the extras like lace details, three-layer designs, T-backs, and front closures, much goes into making these bras perfect for consumers of all sizes. So, how can you find a high-quality bra without breaking the bank?

How to Get A Bra Without Breaking the Bank

Unfortunately, forgoing a bra isn’t in the cards for many women, especially for those with fuller busts. Instead of dropping the full price on a bra, though, there are ways you can get a great bra for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few small tips for getting a good price on a bra.

1. Know Where to Look

If you know what you like and have a good idea of what you’re looking for, take to the keyboard and do some searching. The internet is at your fingertips, and there are quite a few sites exclusively selling bras. Make a note of what styles and brands fit you best, and then keep an eye on them. If you know where to find them and what you are looking for, it makes this second tip a lot easier.

2. Jump on Sales

So, you have your favorite websites or know where to get your beloved brands. Now, you have to keep an eye out for sales. Fortunately, as seasons pass, bras will go “in and out of season” and retailers will clear out their inventory. Lucky for you, bras don’t necessarily have a season, but those sales still pop up. You can get some excellent bras at a fraction of the cost. Even if you don’t spot your favorite brand, you can probably find a nearly identical style. It’s always worth a search.

3. Know Your Size

This final tip can make or break when it comes to a pop-up sale. It comes down to knowing your size and getting the numbers down. If a sale should pop up, but you aren’t familiar with any of the brands, you don’t have to pass up the deal. You know what style fits you best, and if you have a proper fitting, you can find a bra that works for you for a steal.

A Hard Price to Pay

From designer to the webpage, a lot goes into creating the perfect bra, and you do get what you pay for in the end. However, the quality can make shelling out the cash worth the buy. Most women spend most of their daily lives in a bra, so you might want to grab one that fits like a dream.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to foot the full-price bill. Keep track of your bras, your size, and your style, and you’ll always be ready for that last-minute sale.

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