Finding the perfect fit in a bra may seem like a hopeless mission, but you can have it all. After all, a bra is one of the most important pieces of a woman’s wardrobe, isn’t it? 

For many women, the one thing that stops them from loving their bra is bra straps that just won’t stay in place.

If this is you, don’t panic.

We’ve all been there at some point. We know it’s a huge pain but there are things that you can do. If your bra is loose there are several possible causes and solutions. 

Dealing with a Loose Bra? Here's How to Tighten Bra Straps

How do I keep my bra straps from slipping off my shoulders?

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is fix your loose bra strap for the hundredth time.

Before you throw your bra out the window, tighten your straps. We know, this may seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many women forget to do this.

How can I make my plus size bra tighter?

First, tighten the straps the right way. Yes, there is a wrong way. If they adjust in the front while wearing your bra tighten one strap at a time until they are comfortably snug but not too tight. 

If they adjust in the back take off your bra and adjust just a bit. Put it on and check the fit and keep adjusting as necessary. 

Don’t worry about adjusting the straps evenly. It’s completely normal for one breast to be bigger than the other so you won’t need to adjust as much on one side. 

Once your straps are in place check the back of your bra and make sure that it’s not riding up. It should be at the same level as the front. Lift up your arms and make sure that your bra doesn’t come up over your breast. 

It’s also important that you make sure that you’re wearing the right size. Your straps shouldn’t be giving all of the support, your band should do most of the heavy lifting. 

If you need a refresher on how to measure check out our bra fit guide and bra size calculator. For optimal comfort, your bra should fit well in the straps, band, and cups. If one of these is off your whole fit is off.



Why are my bra straps so loose?

Bra straps naturally stretch over time so you’ll need to adjust them occasionally. If you machine wash or dry your bras they’ll wear out faster which means you’ll be adjusting more often. 

Other reasons that your straps might be loose are:

  • Body shape: Some of us have shoulders that slope or are a bit more narrow than others. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to have straps that fall, but it does mean that some styles will be more of a problem than others. For narrow shoulders stay away from wide-set straps. Look for racerback styles or bras with straps that cross in the back.
  • Wrong cup size: If your cup is too big and there is a gap in the top of the cup you’re more likely to have straps that slip. Try going down a cup size and make sure that your breasts are properly positioned in the cups. 
  • Bra extenders: These lengthen the band of the bra but put the straps in a wider position than they’re meant to be in. Rather than use an extender go up a band size. The straps will be properly positioned. Don’t forget that if you go up in band size you may need to go down a cup size. Measure yourself to make sure that you get the perfect fit.
  • Your band is too high in the back: Once again, fit in all areas is important. The back of your bra should be under your shoulder blades, not above.
  • Worn elastic: Eventually the elastic in the bra band and the straps will wear out and when this happens there’s only one solution: a new bra. 
How to Tighten Bra Straps Glamorise Blog

How do I fix my bra padding?

If your bra has padding and its creasing, here’s what to do. Take a look at the label and soak the bra in the water at the hottest recommended temperature. Take it out and gently smooth out the cups and padding wherever it is wrinkled or creased. 

Make sure not to stretch it too much or you’ll compromise the fabric. Once it’s nice and smooth let it air dry. Whatever you do, don’t try to iron it or put it in a hot dryer! You’ve (hopefully) spent money on a quality bra so don't’ ruin it!  High heat can ruin the elastic in your bra or burn the fabric. 

Concluding Thoughts

Remember, finding a great bra is a little like finding a unicorn. You might not think that it exists but once you find it your world is changed forever! 

Here are some great options to try on and make adjusting straps a thing of the past!

  • The Curvy Comfort Wire-Free Cushioned Bra: No underwire but still very supportive thanks to cotton liners and multi-panel cups.  It also has thinner straps great for someone with sloping or more narrow shoulders. 

No matter what your style preference you’re sure to find something that fits like it’s made just for you!

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