Glamorise Giving

Why We Give-

We believe every woman deserves a comfortable and supportive bra. Bras and underwear are the most needed but least-donated items of clothing. Donating bras is a simple way for us to give back to those in need while also preventing garments from ending up in landfills.

What We Give-

We sell millions of bras each year, which means we also have many garments returned to us. Oftentimes, returned bras cannot be resold and are then donated along with any discontinued products. We’ve been donating bras to those in need for almost ten years.

How You Can Help-

You can make a difference by donating new bras and underwear to local organizations that distribute them to women in need. Check out our list of giving partners below and visit their websites to learn more.

Other Ways We Help-

We help offset the carbon emissions of our shipments by planting trees in the United States. Planting trees is a simple way to improve air quality, preserve biodiversity, and combat climate change.

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality, long-lasting products. Our approach is to create an evergreen collection of bras that women come back to year after year. We use the highest quality materials available and fit our bras on women of all sizes, cutting no corners in the process. Our slow fashion approach means tried-and-true products that are designed to support you for years to come.

Our Giving Partners

Bras and underwear are the most-needed but under-donated garments. Bras provide a simple sense of security, support, and dignity, but purchasing new bras is not easily attainable for many women. The Undies Project seeks to fill this need and supplies clean undergarments to women, men, and children alike.

We’re proud to partner with The Undies Project to donate bras to those in need. Co-founded by Lucy Langley and Laura Delaflor, The Undies Project provides new underwear to those who are homeless, living in shelters, or who are on a low income.

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I Support The Girls (ISTG) has a simple yet powerful mission: to make dignity the norm. With affiliate locations around the world, ISTG collects and distributes essential items like bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products to people experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress.

Having access to clean bras and underwear is a basic daily necessity that many women cannot regularly afford. We are proud to donate bras to ISTG to support women and girls in need to make dignity the norm.

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No one should have to choose between buying food or having clean undergarments. Dignity Matters is a non-profit organization that supplies bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products to women and girls who are experiencing homelessness or who are disadvantaged.

Bras provide a basic sense of dignity and self-confidence in those who wear them. Plus-size bras specifically are some of the most in-demand and under-donated undergarments. We’re proud to partner with Dignity Matters to regularly donate bras in extended sizes to fill this need and help women and girls live with dignity.

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Planting trees is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and help combat climate change. The Arbor Day Foundation plants trees around the world to help nourish communities and forests, increase biodiversity, and ultimately slow the effects of climate change.

We’re proud to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree in the United States to help offset the carbon emissions of every package we ship. It’s a simple way for us to lessen our environmental impact and do our part to combat climate change, while improving the quality of life for people and wildlife alike.

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