We’re all very familiar with underwire bras. As teenagers, it’s often our first “real” bra, just like the ones seen on famous models all over the world. 

Many of us just stay with the good ‘ole underwire because we’re afraid that without it we won’t get the support that we need. Especially for women with bigger busts, wire-free bras just don’t seem like they’re going to cut it, but that’s not at all true. 

What are the Best Wireless Bras for Big Busts?

Why go wireless?

There are so many reasons to choose a wireless bra, but the first and for some, most importantly, is comfort! There’s nothing more annoying than an underwire poking and prodding in all the wrong places! The best way to eliminate this is to take the underwire out of the equation. 

More cons of wired bras:

  • Can be more hot and uncomfortable, especially during warmer weather
  • Cannot be worn after breast augmentation
  • Underwire can bend or even break

How about support and lift?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far wireless bras have come! You don’t have to sacrifice the support of an underwire for a comfortable fit.

Some of our wire-free bras feature cotton liners in each cup to provide lift without the wire. 

what are the benefits of wireless bras

What are the main benefits of a wireless bra?

  • They don’t impede lymph drainage. According to some studies, bras that are too constricting can reduce lymph flow in the lymph nodes around the breast bone and under the armpits. Proper lymph flow is critical for removing toxins from the body.
  • They can help to prevent sagging. Recent studies have shown that underwire bras restrict too much of the breast's natural movement and can weaken the supporting muscle tissue. 
  • They can be a lifesaver when you’re pregnant! No one wants an underwire digging into your rib cage, and for moms-to-be who are later in pregnancy or carrying high, this is exactly what happens. A wire-free nursing bra is also great for women after giving birth.
  • Style. For some reason, wireless bras are thought of as “granny” bras. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Wireless bras can be just as stylish and sexy as an underwire bra. See our picks for the best wireless bras below. 
  •  Great for everyday use. Sure, a sexy underwire has its time and place, but what about when you’re just sitting around the house?

Is a wireless bra good for large breasts?

Yes! Many women with large breasts worry that a wire-free bra won’t give them the support that they need, but a high-quality wireless bra can do just that. 

Advancements in technology allow for bras that are capable of providing amazing lift and support without the rigidity of an underwire bra. 

You can choose from fabric that stretches to move with you or non-stretch fabric to help keep you in place. There are so many options when it comes to wireless bras!

what is best support bra without an underwire

What is the best support bra without underwire?


The MagicLift Active Support Bra gives you the lift and support of an underwire with a more flexible fit. It has contoured cups for shape and coverage, and wide, cushioned straps for all-day comfort.

For all of the support of an underwire without the discomfort try the MagicLift Front-Close Posture Back Bra. It has an adjustable front hook-and-eye closure which is perfect for women with mobility issues or anyone that struggles with a back close bra. It also creates a smooth back without bulges thanks to the back-relieving panels. It’s perfect for bigger busts and anyone who needs extra posture support.

Another option for a supportive wireless bra is the MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra. It looks great under form-fitting tops and feels even better. It also features MagicLift with a crisscrossed design specially made to hold you up all day and seamless cups for a smooth look under any fabric.

What is the most comfortable wireless bra?

The Curvy Comfort Wire-Free Cushioned Bra provides structured 3 piece panels cups to contour a natural shape. It also has inner cotton liners to give the support of an underwire without actually having one.

There’s also a reinforced inner-bust band to give lift without discomfort. Unlike your grandmother’s wireless bra, this one looks as great as it feels with lace details that also provide full coverage.

Another great choice that boasts comfort is the Everyday Magic Cotton Support Bra. Made of super-soft cotton that is perfect for everyday wear and has wide cushioned straps that won’t slip. It also has an adjustable back hook-and-eye closure for a perfect fit.


What are the Best Wireless Bras for large breasts?

Taking care of your wireless bra.

Just because there isn’t a breakable underwire doesn't mean that you should toss your bra in the washing machine without a second thought.

In order to preserve the elastic band and cup shape, you should hand wash your bras with a laundry detergent made for delicate fabrics. 

Air dry them to preserve your bra for as long as possible. For more tips on how to properly care for your bras see our bra care guide. 

Concluding Thoughts

Sure, you’ve seen the benefits of going wireless but it doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to underwire forever. Just like everything else in life, it’s a balancing act. Going wireless even just a couple of days a week can have a positive effect on your breast health. 

Find a comfortable and supportive wireless bra to add to your weekly rotation and reap the benefits of a wireless bra. We’re sure that you’ll find something that you love. 

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