The human body is a fascinating thing; every single one of us is different from hair color to our feet size. Our breasts are no different when it comes to shapes and sizes. In fact, it's possible for a person to have two vastly different breasts on the same body.

There are several different types of breast shapes that are common. Besides our genetic and physical makeup, there are some other factors that determine breast shape and size. We go through everything you need to know about breast sizes and breast shapes here.

Breasts of All Shapes and Sizes

Women's breasts are all unique. There are various breast shapes that a body can have, and every one of them is normal. If there is a standard across all types, a breast is round, full, and with a pointed nipple. While this is a common shape, it's not the only shape.

There are many different breast shapes, and your own breast shape depends on your genetic makeup and lifestyle. As our bodies grow and change, the breasts we are born with do also.

Weight, physical activity, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can all determine breast shape. If you are wondering what type of breast shape you have, we have you covered. Here are some of the most common breast shapes and the best bras for them.

1. Tear Drop Breasts

Tear drop breasts are fuller at the bottom with a narrower top. Like the name suggests, they are shaped like a tear drop with more breast tissue at the bottom. If you have tear drop breasts, you might experience cap gaping with certain bra styles, as you have less breast tissue on the upper half of your bust. The best bra to fit this breast type would be anything that provides extra lift. Some additional support underneath can lift up teardrop breasts and give them the support they need. Push-up bras are also a good option for this breast shape.

2. Slender Breasts

Unlike the teardrop breast, slender breasts are long and narrow. They lack a rounder shape, and the nipples tend to point down. This breast type can also benefit from a little upward lift.

However, you can also consider a bra style that provides a little shape as well. T-shirt bras, balconette bras, and molded cup bra styles can be ideal for the slender shape. These designs provide the lift needed with a bit of added shape.

3. Side Set Breasts

Not all breasts are centered on your torso. Side set breasts are set further apart with more space between them. The extra gap can make it challenging to fill out tops and dresses. If you want to tighten that gap, demi-cup bras will do the trick. They naturally fit this breast type without the risk of spilling out, provided you have a proper fitting. If you are looking for a boost, you can find a push-up variety to provide the look you're aiming for.

4. Asymmetric Breasts

Almost all women have a size difference between breasts; asymmetrical breasts are common and some women can even have an entire cup size difference between breasts. If you have asymmetric breasts, an unpadded bralette is an great option. A bralette provides structure and just the amount of lift needed without struggling to find two identical cups.

5. Athletic Breasts

If you are more athletic, your breast shape might be a bit different. Athletic breasts tend to be wider, muscular, and have less tissue. Your breasts' shape coincides with body fat, and those with more rigorous lifestyles tend to have more athletic shapes. The best for this type of breast is a demi or a balconette bra. These designs can offer lift and fill in any areas that are lacking tissue for a rounder, fuller look.

6. Round Breasts

Round breasts are exactly as the name implies: they have a rounded shape and are equally full at the top and bottom. Since they have a consistent, round shape throughout, round breasts tend to be the ideal breast shape. Any bra style will suit round shaped breasts well – it simply comes down to personal preference on what bra you prefer, whether that's an underwire T-shirt bra or a bralette that lets your natural shape shine.

7. East-West Breasts

Unlike some of the other breasts on this list, east-west breasts don't point forward. Instead, the nipples point outward, and the breasts tend to be fuller at the bottom. If you have this unique breast shape, a T-shirt bra should do the trick. This soft, flexible option will lend some shape and fit your girls comfortably, while also pulling your breasts closer together to create cleavage.

8. Bell Shaped Breasts

As the name suggests, this breast shape resembles a bell. Bell shaped breasts tend to be narrow at the top and rounder at the bottom. This breast shape may benefit from an underwire for some extra lift. You can take also accentuate this breast shape with a balconette bra – it provides support and creates a rounder appearance.

9. Close-Set Breasts

Close-set breasts have the opposite problem from east-west breasts; there's little to no gap between them. Close-set breasts sit in the center of the chest, which makes wearing demi-cup or balconette style bras difficult. Instead, try wearing a plunge style bra; this will provide separation between your breast tissue. Encapsulation bras are also great for this breast shape as they comfortably separate the bust.

10. Conical Breasts

If your breasts are less round and narrower, you may have conical breasts. This type of breast is most common for those with smaller frames and breasts. The girls take on more of a “cone” shape. If you want to achieve a rounder look, a molded cup bra is your best bet.

11. Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed breasts are incredibly common, especially in those who have lost weight or have been pregnant. These breasts have looser breast tissue, and the have nipples pointing downward. For extra lift, the best option is to pick something with underwires or padding. This will give you the boost needed to hoist that loose tissue, while the padding will provide comfort and shape.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many a factor that determines breast shape and size. Variety in breast shape is natural, and no two women will have identical breast shape. Breast asymmetry, bell shaped breasts, round breasts, and other boob shapes are all natural. Whatever breast shape you have, having a bra that fits well is key to highlighting your natural shape.


What Is the Most Popular Breast Shape?

There are many different types of boobs, but the most common breast shape is the round or archetype shape. This breast shape is categorized by being round and full a point at the nipple.

Is It Normal to Have Two Different Breast Shapes?

Yes, it is normal to have two different breast shapes. This is called asymmetrical breasts, which is when breasts are two different sizes or shapes. It is normal to have an asymmetric breast size or boob shape.

Is It Simple to Identify the Type of Breast Shape You Have?

Yes, it is quite easy to identify your breast shape. Take a look at your breasts in the mirror and compare them to the chart of different breast shapes below.


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