Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and breasts are no exception. There are many different types of breast shapes, and all are unique in their own way. A common breast shape is tear drop breasts. Keep reading below to learn if you have this breast shape and the type of bras that work best with your natural shape.

What are teardrop-shaped breasts?

Teardrop-shaped breasts have a few slight differences from regular breasts. Much like round-shaped breasts, they are fuller at the bottom and have a narrower top, making them appear teardrop-shaped.

Tear drop breasts are similar to bell-shaped breasts, but there are some key differences. Both types of breast shape have more fullness at the bottom. The key difference is that tear drop boobs have the majority of the breast tissue sitting below the nipple, whereas bell-shaped breasts have a slimmer top half and the nipple can sit fairly low. Tear drop breasts also have a rounder shape than bell-shaped boobs, which tend to be slender breasts.

If you have had reconstructive surgery or a breast augmentation, you may have been given the option of round implants or teardrop breast implants. Round implants are symmetrical and evenly round throughout, whereas teardrop implants mimic a more natural breast shape with more fullness at the bottom. If you have had plastic surgery and have teardrop silicone implants, then you have a teardrop breast shape. A round implant will create a round breast shape.

Understanding Tear Drop Boobs and Other Breast Shapes

How to Tell If I Have Teardrop Shaped Breasts?

You can determine your breast shape but looking in the mirror and examining the shape of your breasts. If your breast tissue appears fuller at the bottom than the top, and your nipples sit higher on your breasts, you likely have tear drop breasts.

If you have had plastic surgery and have teardrop breast implants, then you also have a tear drop implant shape.

What Types of Bras Work Best With Teardrop Breast Shapes?

If you have a natural tear drop breast shape or have teardrop implants, you may deal with cup gapping on full coverage bra styles. This breast type works better with certain bra styles than others. Some of the best bras for tear drop breasts or teardrop implants are balconette bras, demi bras, or plunge bras.

Each of these styles accentuate teardrop breast shapes and help lift the breasts up to create the appearance of more volume at the top.

How Should Teardrop Shaped Bras Fit?

Like any breast shape, having a well-fitting bra is crucial. A bra that fits well will best accentuate your shape, whether you have natural tear drop shaped breasts or teardrop implants.

In terms of fit, the bra band provides the majority of the bra's support, so you want the band to fit snugly under your bust line. The bra straps should not dig into your shoulders or slip off easily. The best bras for teardrop breasts or tear drop breast implants is one that lifts the bust to create the appearance of more fullness and cleavage.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Teardrop Shape Breasts?

If you have tear drop breasts, full coverage cups can be a struggle to fit. This natural breast shape or teardrop implant shape is best suited to lower-cut bras that lift the breasts up to create fullness at the top. These bra styles will enhance your shape and flatter your natural curves.


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