The human body is a fascinating thing; every single one of us is different from hair color to our feet size. Our breasts are no different when it comes to shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s possible for a person to have two vastly different breasts on the same body. 

When it comes to originality, our DNA is a master. Thankfully, we’ve at least been able to narrow down several similar breast shapes that are common. What, besides our physical makeup, determines our breasts’ shape, and what are they?

Understanding Tear Drop Boobs and Other Breast Shapes

Breasts of All Shapes and Sizes

Women’s breasts are all unique. There are various boob shapes that a body can have, and every one of them is normal. If there is a standard across all types, a breast is round, full, and with a pointed nipple. While this is a common shape, it’s not the only shape. 

While bras are typically created to fit this standard, there are so many other types available, and the type you are blessed with depends on your genetic makeup and lifestyle. As our bodies grow and change, the breasts we are born with do also. 

Weight, physical activity, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can all determine breast shape. If you are wondering what type of breast shape you have, we have you covered. Here are some of the most common breast shapes and the best bras for them.

1. Teardrop Breasts

Teardrop breasts are much like normal breasts, but with a few slight differences. These round-shaped breasts are fuller at the bottom with a narrower top. The best bra to fit this breast type would be anything that provides extra lift. Some additional support underneath can hoist up teardrop breasts and give them the support they need. Push-up bras can provide these ta-tas with some extra oomph, and a little added padding can even them out. 

2. Slender Breasts

Unlike the teardrop breast, slender breasts are long and narrow. They lack a rounder shape, and the nipples tend to point down. This breast type can also benefit from a little upward lift. 

However, you can also consider a bra that can provide a little shape as well. T-shirt bras, balconettes, and molded cups can be ideal for the slender shape. These designs provide the lift needed with a bit of added shape to flaunt pretty much any top or dress.

3. Side Set Breasts

Not all breasts are centered on your torso. Side set breasts are set further apart with more space between them. The extra gap can make it challenging to fill out tops and dresses. If you want to tighten that gap, demi-cup bras will do the trick. They naturally fit this breast type without the risk of spilling out, provided you have a proper fitting. If you are looking for a boost, you can find a push-up variety to provide the look you’re aiming for.

4. Asymmetrical Breasts

Almost all women have a size difference between breasts; asymmetrical breasts are common and can be as much as a cup size. To combat this issue, there are a few ways you can go about it, depending on your cup size. For smaller breasts, a bralette is an easy pick. This bra provides structure and just the amount of lift needed without struggling to find two identical cups. 

For larger breasts, T-shirt bras or balconettes are the best fit. They provide a cohesive shape, and you can remove padding to even out the size difference.

5. Athletic Breasts

If you are more athletic, your breast shape might be a bit different. Athletic breasts tend to be wider, muscular, and have less tissue. Your breasts’ shape coincides with body fat, and those with more rigorous lifestyles tend to have more athletic shapes. The best for this type of breast is a demi or a balconette bra. These designs can offer lift and fill in any areas that are lacking tissue for a rounder, fuller look.

6. Round Breasts

Considered that they are the standard for breast shape, round breasted women really hit the jackpot. They are full at both the top and the bottom, and this good shape doesn’t require any molding. An excellent option to support round breasts is a molded cup bra. This option lets the natural shape shine. 

7. East-West Breasts

Unlike some of the other breasts on this list, East-West breasts don’t point forward. Instead, the nipples point outward, and the breasts tend to be fuller at the bottom. If you want to wrangle these breasts in, a T-shirt bra should do the trick. This soft, flexible option will lend some shape and fit your girls comfortably.

8. Bell Shape Breasts

As the name suggests, this type of breast resembles a bell. They tend to be narrow at the top and rounder at the bottom. They may even require an underwire for some extra lift. You can take advantage of this shape by sporting a balconette bra, which is the most flattering. It provides the support you need and gives your girls a rounder look.

9. Close-Set Breasts

Close-set breasts have the opposite problem from the side set breasts; there’s little to no gap between your ta-tas. Close-set breasts sit in the center of the chest, which makes wearing demi or balcony style bras difficult. Instead, try wearing a plunge style bra; this will give you the separation you need.

10. Conical Breasts

If your breasts are less round and narrower, you may have conical breasts. This type of breast is most common for those with smaller frames and breasts. The girls take on more of a “cone” shape. To get a rounder look, a molded cup bra is your best bet. Otherwise, you can sport a bralette and rock your natural look.

11. Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed breasts are incredibly common, especially in those who have lost weight or have been pregnant. These breasts have looser tissue, and the nipples point downward. For extra lift, the best option is to pick something with underwires or padding. This will give you the boost needed to hoist that loose tissue, while the padding will provide comfort and shape.

Relaxed Breasts


Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to breasts, variety is the most natural thing. Whether it’s shape or size, the world is full of unique ta-tas, and there’s a bra out there that will help hoist them up. When it comes to comfort for your girls, no matter your breast type, fit is everything. Do your breasts a favor, and be sure you have a proper fitting and get the most out of your bra.

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