There are many different type of breast shapes, and not every bra style will work for every shape. Some names you may have heard are asymmetric breasts, tear drop breasts, athletic breasts, and east west breasts. Round shaped breasts are those that are very circular and are equally full at both the top and the bottom. You can have round breasts naturally, or have a breast augmentation and have round implants. Round implants tend to be one of the most popular breast implant shapes, along with teardrop shape implants.

If you have round breasts, most bra styles will work well for your breast shape. Keep reading below to learn more about this breast shape and find the best bras for you.

What Are Round Shaped Breasts?

Round breasts have a round shape and have evenly full at the top and bottom. This breast shape can be natural or the result of a breast augmentation. Whether this is your natural breast shape or you have round shaped breast implants, many different bra styles will work for you.

How to Tell If I Have Round Shaped Breasts?

If your breasts are round and evenly full throughout, having an even distribution of breast tissue, you have round shaped breasts. If you have had a breast augmentation, you likely have round breast implants and your breast tissue is full at the top and bottom.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Round Shape Breasts?

If you have a naturally round breast type, you can likely wear most bra styles without taking any special considerations into account. It comes down to your personal preferences on what bra style you go for.

How Should Round Shaped Bras Fit?

If you have a round breast shape, you can wear most bra styles with ease. Wireless bras, underwire bras, and sports bras are all a great fit for round breasts. It comes down to the amount of coverage and support you prefer. If you want more coverage, go for a full coverage bra that eliminates cleavage. If you want less coverage, try a low-cut underwire bra. Most styles will work for you, it just depends on what level of coverage and support you are looking for.

What Types of Bras Work Best With Round Breast Shapes?

Most bra styles will work perfectly well with round breast shapes. Whatever level of coverage and support you desire, you can likely find a bra style that works with your natural shape. Keep reading below for some of the best Glamorise bras for round shaped breasts.


These are the best bras for a round breast shape:

WonderWire Front-Closure Bra

WonderWire Front-Closure Bra


If you have naturally round breast or round implants, this front-closure bra is an excellent choice. With a low-cut neckline, lace-topped cups, and cushioned underwires, this bra highlights your natural shape while keeping you supported. This bra has wide, padded straps that are soft on shoulders and an easy front-closure that snaps into place. Whether you have smaller breasts or round shaped implants, this style of front-closure bra will work for most women with round breasts.

MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra

MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra


If you prefer a comfortable, wire-free bra, this T-shirt bra is a great option. This MagicLift T-Shirt Bra features super-soft fabrics, cushioned straps that are soft on shoulders, and our signature wire-free design. Whether you have a natural bust or round implants, this T-shirt bra is an excellent choice. The seamless, molded cups form to your breast size and shape for a comfortable fit.

WonderWire Minimizer Bra

WonderWire Minimizer Bra


If you have a large cup size, you might be interested in a minimizer bra. A minimizer bra redistributes breast tissue to reduce bust projection. This creates a smaller bust appearance and can help clothes fit better, too. If you want to appear as if you have less breast tissue, we recommend trying this minimizer bra. Plus, the cushioned underwires provide all-day support.

No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra

No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra


Are you searching for a bra that offers complete coverage? If so, this is the perfect style for you. This sports bra has a built-in mesh panel that provides complete bust containment. The non-stretch cups provide bounce control and keep the bust comfortably separated, whether you have a natural bust or have round implants.

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