Let’s face it; our breasts are in a constant battle with gravity. While some of us may have it a little more challenging than others, breast sagging is an issue all ladies eventually come up against. 

There are plenty of factors that leave “the girls” dangling, but thankfully, a well-fitting bra can help lift them to where they belong. While you can’t reverse the damage of life and nature, there are a few ways you can combat it and stop further damage. Here’s how to help prevent the dreaded sagging breasts.

Trouble with Gravity 

So, why do our breasts sag? The main issue is plain old age. Several other factors can contribute to breast sagging. It can simply be in your genetics. Additionally, weight loss and gain can continually stretch the girls as they grow and shrink. Also, pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your breasts’ elasticity. Finally, just having bigger breasts can lead to sagging over time.

As we age, the tissues holding our breasts up will stretch, break, and lose elasticity over time. While a bra won’t fix the damage done, it will help lift your ta-tas and stop future stretching. If you’re looking to add a lift to your wardrobe, here are seven things to look for in a bra if you want to stop the sag.

What are the Best Bras for Sagging Breasts?

1. Extra Hooks and a Wider Band

If you want to stop sagging, you’re going to need decent support. The best way to do this is by making sure your bra has a strong band. If the back closure has two or fewer hooks, the support you need may not be there. Try to look for styles that feature three or more hooks. This extra reinforcement will ensure your girls go up and stay up. 

If you want to keep a bra stronger for longer, try looking for a band with more than three sets of hooks. With a new bra, the trick is to start with the last hook, and as your bra loses elasticity, you work your way in. With more hooks, your bra can give you the proper support for much longer. Rule of thumb: if the band is wider, it will offer the boost you need.

2. Multi-part or Seamed Cup Bras

If you’re wearing a single-layer, molded bra you may be doing your breasts a disservice. If a molded bra doesn’t match your shape, you won’t have a proper fit. Unfortunately, if your cups don’t fit, it will affect the rest of the bra’s fit too. This reaction can lead to sagging breasts. To avoid this issue, try opting for a multi-layer bra. 

These bra cups contain multiple fabrics sewn in layer by layer to give your girls extra support. While these seamed cup bras may be visible under certain tops, you can’t beat the lift they offer. You can grab anywhere from a 2-part cup to a 4-part cup. The additional panels guide your breasts to where they should be and help keep them there.

3. Underwires are Your Friend

If you are looking for optimal support, an underwire bra is an easy way to get it. While there are wire-free options that can provide a decent amount of lift, underwires can scoop under and hoist the girls up. No matter what issues you may have with your breasts, an underwire bra not only gives the girls a boost but can give them a clear bustline.

4. Sturdy Fabrics

When it comes to getting the most out of your bras in the battle against sagging, fabric choice is critical. The worst thing you can do is pick a bra with stretchy, thin fabric. Your bra needs to hold up against daily wear and tear, plus it needs to be comfortable, and it must have breathable fabric! Before buying, give your bra a good tug.

5. Get Side Support

In addition to wider back panels, look for a bra that offers side support. While the front cups are great for lifting the girls up, you don’t want them just to get redirected out the side. Reinforced side panels offer some extra control and can give you a slimmer look. So, no worries about your ta-tas escaping out the side.

6. Full Coverage Cups

If you want ultimate support all around, find a bra with full cup coverage. The cup covers nearly all the breast tissue, offering an extra lift for sagging breasts. While no two bras are alike, this design can stop various issues from spillage to weight distribution. This is ideal for those of us fighting gravity. Full cups offer additional support and comfort needed, but with various full coverage bras, you can find one that works for your style.

Full Coverage Cups


Giving the Girls a Lift

While there is no real way to stop gravity, getting a well-fitted bra is an excellent way to fight it. With the proper coverage, support, and fit, you can lift the girls up where they belong. Each of these tips is great on its own, but combined, they can give you the best option for ultimate support. So, stop the sag, and get a bra that fits you right.

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