Close set breasts are one of the common breast shapes many women have. We'll go through everything you need to know about this natural shape and discuss some of the best bra styles to support this shape. If you think you have a close set breast shape, keep reading below.

Understanding Close Set Breast Shape

Close set breasts are categorized as breasts that sit close together in the middle of chest with little to no separation between them. This breast shape can sometimes create a uni-boob appearance, as breast tissue is very close together.

As opposed to east west shapes or wide set breasts, if you have close set breasts, there tends to be a visible distance between your breasts and your underarms. Close set breasts may have a rounded shape and rounded appearance, though they can be more athletic shaped, too.

You can determine if you have close set breasts by putting two fingers between your breasts. If your fingers touch both breasts, then you likely have close set breasts. You can also have both asymmetric breasts and close set breasts – having close set breasts comes down to how close your breasts sit in the center of your chest.

Importance of Proper Bra Selection

If you have close set breasts, it can be tricky to find a bra that suits your needs and provides a comfortable fit. There are certain bra features to look for if you have this breast shape.

A common fit issue with close set breasts is finding a bra that fits well and provides the desired level of separation and support. Finding a bra style with a center gore that lies flat against the chest can be difficult, as this breast shape does not have much or any bust separation between the breast tissue in the center of your chest. Bras with low center gores are ideal for this breast shape so it can sit comfortably against your sternum, and not directly on your breast tissue.

Another common issue is dealing with a uni-boob appearance. Finding bra styles that help to separate the breast tissue into opposite directions is helpful. Encapsulation bras are a great option for close set breast shapes for this reason.

If you have close set breasts, dealing with chafing of your breast tissues can also be a factor. This might be a more frequent issue for you if you have larger breasts. A bra with moisture-wicking fabric can help address this.

Best Bras for Close Set Shaped Breasts

If you have close set breasts, you likely want a bra that provides some bust separation while still highlighting your natural shape. These are some of the best bra styles we recommend for close set breast shapes.

Front-Closure WonderWire Bra

Front-Closure WonderWire Bra

Price: $59

Review: 4.8/5

This front-closure bra is an excellent choice for women of all breast shapes, and close set breasts are no exception. With a low center gore, a narrow single front clasp, and underwire cups that keep the bust comfortably separated, this bra is a great option for any woman with close set breasts. This bra also has moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you comfortably cool throughout the the day and prevent chafing.

Low Cut WonderWire Lace Bra

Low Cut WonderWire Lace Bra

Price: $59

Review: 4.2/5

This underwire bra is another great option for women with close set breasts. With cushioned underwires that lift, shape, and separate the bust, this bra is a comfortable fit for women with this breast shape. Plus, the low center gore means a close set bust will sit comfortably in this bra.

MagicLift Moisture Control Bra

MagicLift Moisture Control Bra

Price: $56

Review: 4.2/5

If you have close set breasts and often deal with boob sweat or chafing between your breasts, a bra that has moisture-wicking fabrics can help. The MagicLift Moisture Control Bra from Glamorise wicks away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. This bra also provides bust separation to keep your breasts apart.

Tips for Bra Fitting

Since it can be tricky to find a bra style suited for close set breasts, knowing your proper bra size is crucial. If you haven't remeasured your bra size in a while, grab a tape measure and take your bust and band measurements. Simply plug both measurements into our bra size calculator to determine your best fit in our bras.


Finding the perfect bra styles for close set breasts can be a challenge. If you have close set breasts, we recommend finding a bra style with a low center gore and moisture-wicking fabrics for the utmost comfort.

Need any assistance finding the perfect style for you? We recommend taking our Bra Finder Quiz and we'll send you personalized style recommendations that fit your needs.

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