Finding a bra that fits can be frustrating. However, finding a bra that fits when you have two different sized breasts can be near impossible. Whether the difference is just a little or a whole cup size, having asymmetrical breasts can make bra shopping a trial.

If you are frequently on the hunt for a bra that fits well on uneven breasts, have no fear. There are plenty of bras that can help even out your girls and provide that perfect fit.

Different Cup Sizes? Best Bras for Uneven Breast

So, How Common are Asymmetrical Breasts?

Believe it or not, uneven breasts are quite common. Most women have two different size breasts—more than half! Whether it’s a slight difference or an entire cup size, it can make wearing bras challenging.

The tricky thing is that breasts can change over time, even daily. Life events can change your breast shape, such as ovulation, breast sensitivity, menstrual cycles, gaining or losing weight, and breastfeeding. Don’t worry, though. There are a few ways you can sidestep this struggle. Here are six of the best bras for uneven breasts.

1. Any Bra with Removable Padding

The easiest way to combat uneven breasts is by controlling your bra’s cup size. You can easily do that with any bra that has removable padding. When you try on a bra, you can adjust the fit by taking out or adding padding to your comfort level.

This option allows you to pick a band that fits and at least one cup. This will ensure that your girls will have the proper support they need and help give you a streamlined look.

Depending on the size difference, you can easily adjust the padding and create your perfect fit.

2. A Bra That Acts Like A Molded Cups

Molded cup bras are meant to help give your breasts a rounded shape. They are designed to mold to your body and match the contours. However, if your breast doesn’t fill out the cup, they can pucker, which can ruin the bra.

Thankfully, there’s a lightweight alternative that can give you the benefits of a molded cup without having to worry about it collapsing. Spacer bras are a great pick for asymmetrical breasts. They are lightweight, breathable, and give your girls a rounded shape. The rounded cups can provide a uniform look, and no one would be the wiser.

3. Plunge Bras

The great thing about most plunge bras is that they have removable inserts. That makes the perfect go-to for asymmetrical breasts. These bras drop in the center, creating a deep V. They provide a lift, come in seamless options, and work well under plenty of different outfits. Plus, this style fits a variety of different cup sizes, making it a great pick overall.

4. Balconette Bras

Balconettes are unique from other designs, mainly because they lift from the bottom and show off the girls on top. A great option for plus-sized breasts, balconettes provide coverage and support providing the ideal boost for your girls. Plus, if you find one with soft padding, you can even out asymmetrical breasts. These bras will mold to your unique shape, depending on the fabric. So, the right balconette can be just what you need.

5. T-Shirt Bra

If you are looking for a comfortable bra that will fit your body like a glove, T-shirt bras should be your go-to. While there are molded t-shirt bras, there are quite a few that can give you a seam-free look without the worry of a collapsed cup. These bras can provide a smooth look and hug the girls, but you can hardly notice they are there. It’s a great laid-back option for anyone looking for a versatile pick.

6. Wireless Bra

While they may not provide as much support as an underwire, wireless bras are much more flexible. They offer a soft, flexible fit that can provide a natural shape. Without the rounded cups, your breasts are free to take up the space they need, and you can adjust the straps appropriately. You can also go for a sports bra, which can also offer more comfort for asymmetrical girls.

Wireless Bra

Finding Your Fit

Finding the proper bra can be a struggle in the best-case scenario. While there are plenty of options, having asymmetrical breasts can be a challenge. Keep in mind, removable inserts can help you find the perfect fit. When selecting a bra, go with the cup size for the larger breast and adjust the second cup accordingly.

If you are still having trouble, you can close the gap by adjusting the strap. As always, finding the right fit is important, no matter what breast shape you have. If you are struggling to find your right size, make sure you measure yourself before you buy. You don’t have to settle for less. Get the bra that fits like a glove and give your girls the comfort they deserve.


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