If you’re a Judy Blume fan, then the chant, “We must increase our bust” should be familiar. Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes, and there is plenty we can do to enhance our girls.

Of course, it’s unnecessary to go under the knife if your goal is to increase your bust size. There are plenty of different bras that can boost your girls without having to do extra work. The key is knowing your fit and finding the proper tools to give you that little extra boost. Here are five types of bras that can increase your bust size.

Before the Bra: Comfort and Fit First

To get the most out of your bra, you have to find the best fit for your girls. Flaunting and enhancing our natural gifts is all about having the right fit. A well-fitted bra can have your breasts from and center, and the perfect fit can put any size to shame.

We Must Increase Our Bust | 5 Types of Bras That Can Help

The proper cup size, bandwidth, and strap adjustment can offer an amazing lift, great shape, and ultimate comfort. So, before you go picking out bras, make sure you have the right fit. Once you have the proper measurements, these styles can help enhance your bust with little effort.

1. The Classic Pushup Bra

Sometimes the classic style is the best. A pushup bra does exactly what the name implies. These little babies have your breasts front and center, while giving you that little extra oomph. These styles are typically padded to add a little volume. When fitted correctly, they can pump up your girls and pull off the perfect illusion: more bust without the effort.

The key here is to make sure your measurements are correct. With a little too much push, you could spill out, and you don’t want to give that much of a show. Make sure the cup doesn’t squeeze down on your breast, either. You don’t want to show more bumps than you intended.

This style is an excellent fit for all girls who want to add a little extra; just be sure that the padding and fit match your shape.

2. Add to the Padding

A simple padded bra can provide a little each oomph, without pushing your ta-tas all the way up. And of course, a little extra goes a long way. The additional volume can help you fill out tops and flaunt your style.

Plus, you can find plenty of bra styles with extra padding. There are many different designs out there, so you can select one with the padding you need — whether it’s a little extra or a tad bit more.

3. Demi-Cup Bras

Here’s a style with minimal construction that can add a whole lot of volume. Rather than have a full-cup coverage, this style has the girls peeking out just a little.

This little display can make your breasts appear bigger, but the cup is actually covering less. This partial-cup design covers less of the breasts and provides extra lift. Additionally, it adds just the right amount of push, so your breasts are center stage.

4. Beauty of Bralettes

When it comes to smaller chest sizes, sometimes the problem isn’t cup size. The issue with volume may lie in between the lines, or the girls. An excellent way to combat a gap issue is to close that space, and you can do that with a bralette.

While bralettes tend to be less structured than the other options on this list, the design can help boost your natural look. This style takes advantage of that and works well with smaller breasts.

5. Balconette Bras

Much like the demi-cup design, balconettes pull off the less-coverage look while giving your breasts a boost. While demi-cup designs tend to peak in the center, the balconette peaks off the top like a balcony. This style provides a full lift at the bottom and a little tease at the top.

You don’t have to worry about your breasts pouring out the center, but be mindful of fit on these as well. Less coverage means more room for error. So, be careful to pick the best fit for your girls, or you may just overflow from the top of your balconette.

6. The Maximizer

If you really want to add on the volume, the best way to do it is by using a maximizer bra. These not only provide the push of a pushup bra, but the additional padding can add up to two cup sizes to your look! This style combines strong wires, extra padding, and a bust lift to give you a look you are striving for but without the surgery.

Won’t Do the Trick

While the styles mentioned above will help add volume to your chest, not all bras will do that for you. Some styles will do the exact opposite. If the goal is to increase your bust, then here are a few styles you should bypass.

  • Minimizers: These do the very opposite of what you want and can shrink your bust by two cup sizes.
  • Bras with a big center gap: Smaller breasts have more space between them. If you want to give an illusion of a bigger chest, you don’t want them to spread too far apart.
  • Bras lacking a lot of support: If your girls are low, they aren’t out to show.

Again, when it comes down to the perfect choice for you, fit makes all the difference. Try on a few different styles as see which works best for your body and shape.

We Must Increase Our Bust

Finding a bra that fits perfectly can do wonders for your shape. It can give you lift, volume, and help you achieve the look you want no matter what you wear. You know your body better than anyone, and it deserves to shine. Find a bra that fits your needs and boost your girls and your confidence.

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