If you’ve just had shoulder surgery, wearing a bra that clasps behind your back will likely add to your discomfort, and might even be painful to fasten. The best bras for after shoulder surgery are wireless front-closure styles. These bras fasten in the front, which eliminates having to reach behind you, and they also have soft wireless cups with no metal or plastic underwire. Comfort comes first after surgery, and a front-closure wireless bra is the best bra style to wear while you recover. Keep reading for our top bra recommendations for after shoulder surgery.

Front-Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra

For immediately post surgery, you’re going to need a bra as comfortable as they come. This comfort bra has soft cotton stretch fabric, easy-to-reach hook-and-eyes, and a breathable lace T-back design. The stretch cotton fabric adjusts to your fit, and this bra is perfect for wearing all day or all night — whatever is comfortable for you.

MagicLift Natural Shape Front-Closure Bra

This wireless front-closure bra features naturally rounded cups that softly shape the bust and an added inner sling that offers side bust shaping and support. The hook-and-eye front-closure makes it easy to get in and out of, and the padded straps adjust to your fit. This front-closure bra is beautiful to wear all day everyday, and comfortable enough if you’re just looking for something to wear while you recover.

MagicLift Front-Closure Support Bra

Featuring our best-selling MagicLift wireless design, this bra is a comfortable option for everyday, but also a great option if you’re recovering from surgery. With breathable lace cups, wide cushioned straps, and an easy hook-and-eye front-closure, this bra is one of the best wireless support bras for large breasts, and will provide much-needed comfort and support post surgery. Plus, it’s pretty, too!

MagicLift Front-Closure Posture-Back Bra

If you’re in need of all-around support, this posture-back bra is a great choice. With a wide racerback featuring criss-crossed back panels that both support and smooth things out, this bra keeps you comfortable all day long. The posture-back design also helps redistribute the weight of your bust off your shoulders and across your back which prevents any added shoulder strain. Plus, the wide adjustable straps are soft on the shoulders, and the front hook-and-eyes are easy to get on and off.

Concluding Thoughts

Comfort is everything post surgery, and it’s crucial to have a bra that won’t cause you more pain or shoulder strain. Wireless front-closure bras are the best option to wear post surgery. These bras are comfortable and supportive and don’t have an underwire that will pinch or poke, and you can simply slip into them like a robe. Shop all of our front-closure bras.

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Last updated on: 3/1/22
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