Spillage can be an annoying problem. Whether you are overflowing from the top or sinking out of the bottom, keeping the girls where they need to be is a battle. What’s worse is when your back gets involved, and you suffer from the infamous “back bulge.”

Believe it or not, all these bra issues can be solved in one fell swoop by getting a proper fitting. If you are practically falling out of your bra cups or the girls are trying to slip past your underwire, it may be time for a new bra fitting.

Are Your Boobs Spilling Out of Your Bra? 5 Solutions

Why Does “Bra Spillage” Happen?

While bra spillage is a common problem, it usually occurs in women with larger breasts. Not only do ladies struggle to keep their girls in their bra cups, but they can experience other side effects, like “back fat” or the horrid “second boob” on top of a boob. These visual issues and, often, physical pains can be narrowed down to an ill-fitting or wrong size bra.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their breasts. More than half of women have two different-sized breasts. Of course, not all bras are “one-size” fits all, so when it comes down to finding the right fit, you have to know your size and shape. Before you go trying on a million bras, make sure to take your measurements. Your measurements are continually changing, and what fit you a year ago may not work as well today. Once you have those, follow these five solutions to stop bra spillage.

1. Check the Bra Band

The first place to look when checking your current bra issues is the band. If it’s not straight along your back, then you have a problem. Your bra band accounts for the most support, so it should fit snugly around your body. Keep in mind; snug doesn’t mean tight. You don’t want the band to pinch into your skin - this creates the illusion of back fat.

Likewise, it shouldn’t be so loose that it’s inching upwards. If your band is holding more weight than it can handle, your breasts may be spilling out of the top. When you are trying on a bra, it should fit comfortably on the last hook. As time passes, you should be able to work your way in as the band stretches.

2. Cups, Cups, Cups

If your band is fitting just fine, you may have to look at your cup size. The cup should hug the breast comfortably; it should not be so tight that it squeezes the girls out. This creates the “two boob” illusion, which doesn’t look great under your top. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your bra cup is too big, your breasts may be swimming in fabric. This can make your ta-tas spill out of the sides. To get the most out of your bra cups, make sure they fit snugly against your breasts.

3. Breast Shape

Our breasts come in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, that could mean certain breasts may experience a few problems when placed in the wrong bra. Rounder, fuller breasts need more coverage. So, sporting a demi-cup bra may not be the best idea.

Without full coverage, some breasts may break out of their bonds and spill out. This is especially true from any partial cup bra designs. If you have a lot of boob, make sure you find a design that works for your girls.

4. Molded cups for Side Spillers

Not all boobs like to burst out of the front of a bra; sometimes, they like to sneak out of the side. While cup size may be an issue, breast shape can also cause a side spillage problem. An excellent way to combat it is by selecting a molded cup bra. A molded cup bra has specially designed cups to reshape breasts from a more uniform look. What’s great is that it will help push your girls more toward the center of your chest and eliminate the side spillage.

5. Watch Those Straps

When it comes to support, the band is the king. However, many often think bra straps are the stronghold that holds our ta-tas up. While straps may offer a little extra support, their primary function is to hold the bra cups in place. If your bras are too tight or too loose, they may not be doing their job.

If your straps are fastened too tightly, they will pinch into your skin and lift the breast too far up. This could make your girls spill out of both the front and the side. If your straps are too loose, it can lead to sagging, and your breasts may find their way out of the bottom.

Watch Those Straps


Stopping the Spillage

When it comes down to the battle of the bulge or the “spill,” getting a proper fitting can do wonders. Get to know your body shape and check your measurements regularly. The right bra will not only keep your girls in, but you may even forget you’re wearing it. So, toss out those ill-fitting bras and get one that matches you perfectly.

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