It’s happened to all of us. You try on the perfect top, maybe a V-neck, or a cute wrap dress, and suddenly your breasts can’t help but pop right out! The last thing any woman wants is to have an accidental nip-slip out in public.

How do you stop such a thing from happening? The solution may be easier than you think, and the culprit may just be sitting in your lingerie drawer. But what causes your breasts to spill out of your bra and, possibly, your top?

What Causes the Dreaded Nip Slip?

Several factors can have your boobs jumping ship. The simplest problem could be your bra type, but you can also factor in breast size or shape, or not having the proper measurements.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a nip slip. Spillage can happen in a few different ways. Your breasts can spill out of the sides of your bra, peek out the bottom, or get forced right over the top.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about that problem for long. Here are five different factors to check if you are having trouble containing your ta-tas.

What Causes the Dreaded Nip Slip? Glamorise blog

1. Check the Band Size

Before throwing your current wardrobe into the trash, let’s take a look at your current stash of bras, particularly the band. If you can feel the squeeze in your current bra, you probably aren’t wearing the proper band size. Whether your bra has an adjustable back or a slipover style, fit matters.

If the band is stretching, you’re on the last rung, or you have it set too tightly, your breasts will not be contained. This is one of the biggest causes of side spillage, so if your boob is pushing under your armpit, you may have to loosen the band.

Additionally, with a tight band, your breasts may press aggressively against the cups. So, even if you aren’t completely spilling over the top, your breast’s tops may cause uneven lines on your shirt.

What’s worse, if the band isn’t holding securely, it can creep up your back and you may find yourself adjusting so you don’t give the world a show. So, be sure you’re not wearing your band too loosely either.

2. Cup Size is Key

Like the band, cup size is critical for containing your girls. The better the cup fit, the more securely you’ll be held in. If the cup is too small, your breasts may squeeze out of your bra’s top and bottom.

Likewise, if the cup is too big, you may not have a firm hold on your girls. Without that extra support, it can be easy for one to bounce out of place.

Your bra cup should fit comfortably around your breast and should hold them securely when you walk. If you find yourself shifting around, you may not have the best cup fit. Of course, it may not only be your cup.

3. Finding the Right Fit

It’s not enough to find the right cup size or the right band size. Your bra should slip on comfortably and provide you with the support you need. If you have one, but not the other, you might find yourself with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

In addition to the right cup size and band size, your straps should be adjusted accordingly. Too tight? Your bra may just lift off, and you’ll be spilling out of the bottom.

Too loose? You might just give the world a show. The best way to combat this issue is to get a proper fitting and measurements. Once you have your size, it’ll be much easier to avoid any problems.

With the right bra fitting, you will have a better idea of your cup size, band size, and how a bra should fit your shape. This will not only help with spillage but plenty of other bra issues, too.

4. The Wrong Bra

Okay, you have the right size, and it still doesn’t fit properly. Maybe the bra itself is the problem! Depending on a bra shape, some cups don’t hold as securely as others. Demi-cup bras, for example, don’t have the same coverage as a full cup bra. Balconettes, strapless bras, or push-ups can also suffer from this problem.

That’s not saying that you shouldn’t wear these bras, but you should try before you buy. Some bras fit better than others, so before you write the style off completely, try a few on and find the best fit for your breasts.

finding the correct bra fit can prevent nip slip glamorise blog

5. Shape and Size

When it comes down to it, all body shapes are different. Breasts come in all different sizes, and unfortunately, that may mean the bra style you want might not fit properly.

A shelf bra isn’t necessarily going to be the best fit for someone higher than a D in the cup alphabet. Likewise, a full cup bra may not be the best for someone who has smaller breasts.

It all comes down to fit, so don’t be afraid to try a few on. A great tip is to look at the reviews and see what women with similar shapes have to say. Be mindful of your body, and don’t sell yourself short. Once you know which bras fit best on your figure, you never have to worry about slip-ups again!

Avoid Slipping Up with the Best Fit.

The best way to contain the girls is to treat them right, and you can do that with a good bra fitting. Choose a bra style that’s comfortable, supportive, and gives you the confidence to wear a top without worrying about any slip-ups.

Remember, we’re all unique from our shape to our style; but, with the proper fitting, you can flaunt it without a care in the world.

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