When wedding dress shopping, there is nothing more exciting than finding your dream dress after a long search. When you finally find the dress that fits perfectly and feels like you, there is no looking back.

Next comes getting your dress tailored and finding the right undergarments to wear underneath it. Finding the perfect bra and underwear for your wedding gown can be a challenge. Not all wedding dresses are made them same, and some women prefer bras with more or less coverage depending on comfort level and support needed.

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect wedding dress undergarments. Keep reading below for our top tips for finding the perfect bra to wear with your wedding dress.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plus Bra for Your Wedding Dress

After wedding dress shopping, there are a few things to consider when deciding what bra to wear underneath it, or whether you want to wear a bra at all. Below are a few things to consider when shopping for a bra for your wedding dress.

Your body type

If you are fuller busted, you will likely feel most comfortable wearing a supportive bra on your wedding day. For many women with larger breasts, supportive underwire bra styles are preferred. A comfortable bra with a supportive underwire will keep you supported so you can hit the dance floor on your wedding night without worry.

A supportive bra does not need to be unsightly or even full coverage. Many brands carry supportive bras with sheer lace cups or other delicate details. You are sure to find a supportive bra to wear with your wedding dress.

The style of your wedding dress

Not all wedding gowns are designed equally. There are a vast array of wedding dresses to choose from, and different wedding dress undergarments to consider wearing. Considering the style of your wedding dress, the neckline, the back coverage, and the straps (or lack thereof) is crucial for determining which bra works for you.

A traditional bra will not work with many wedding dress styles. Women who choose strapless wedding dresses will need strapless bras. You can also go without a bra with a strapless gown if you feel comfortable doing so, or just wear nipple covers, but many women prefer the added security that a good strapless bra provides. A nude strapless bra is the perfect bra for strapless gown.

For backless wedding dresses, you will either need to go braless or wear an adhesive bra that has no back. Your tailor might also give you the option to sew bra cups into your dress to forego wearing a bra altogether. Of course, this option will not work for every woman, especially if you have a larger bust and need more support.

If your wedding dress has a low, plunging neckline, you will need to find a plunge bra that matches this silhouette.

The support level you need

If you are plus-size or have a larger cup size, you will likely want to to wear a bra with more support. Some women prefer the support that an underwire bra provides, whereas others prefer the comfort of a wireless bra. It comes down to your personal preference and the support level you desire on from your wedding dress bra.

Your comfort level

Some women may prefer lacier or lower-cut bras as bridal undergarments. Depending on your wedding dress style, a bra with a plunging neckline or sexy lingerie might be the best bra for you. These bras are great for special occasions.

Some brides also prefer to wear bridal shapewear underneath their wedding gown. Shapewear will provide added shape and support underneath your wedding dress. Longline bras are a great option for underneath wedding gowns as they provide support for your bust as well as additional shaping.

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Plus Bra

These are a few of our top tips for shopping for a bra for your wedding dress.

Find the Perfect Fit

Get fitted by a professional or use our bra size calculator. Wearing a bra that fits correctly is crucial. A good-fitting bra ensures that you will receive the support you need. Plus, an ill-fitting bra will look unsightly underneath your wedding dress.

Consider Your Body Type

Choose a bra that is made for your body type. If you have a larger cup size, you will likely want the most support you can get on your wedding day. The last thing you want is a skimpy bra that leave you feeling less than supported.

Consider Your Comfort

Make sure the bra is comfortable. Not every bra style will work for every woman. If an underwire bra just isn't comfortable for you, or a strapless bra tends to leave you feeling less than supported, look elsewhere to find the right bra for you for your wedding dress.

Consider Your Dress Style

Consider the style of your wedding dress. Different wedding dress silhouettes will require different undergarments. If you have a strapless wedding dress, you will need a good strapless bra. If your dress has a plunging neckline, you'll ned a plunge bra. If you have a backless wedding dress, an adhesive bra with no back is the right bra for you.

Of course, you can also go without a bra if you feel comfortable doing so. Many women prefer to wear a bra to have ample support, but if you feel comfortable going without one there is no reason not to.

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