If you’re planning on hitting the gym or working out at home, there is a lot of “workout gear” that you can probably skip. You may not need a fancy pair of compression legging or the latest wicking technology T-shirt—though both have their merits—but what about your bra? 

Is a sports bra necessary for the gym? 

Is a Sports Bra Necessary for the Gym?

What are the Benefits of a Sports Bra?

You have a great fitting traditional bra, and you even have the perfect racerback one to compliment your workout tank, so why do you need to spend money on another type of breast support? 

Here are four reasons why a sports bra is a must-have.

1. Increased Support

Whether you’re running on a treadmill or sweating your way through a hot yoga class, your breasts, no matter what size they are, are prone to shift with every time your foot hits the treadmill or you change your position. 

Most bras are designed to inhibit some level of movement, even if it’s just the pull of gravity. Still, sports bras are constructed to provide maximum support by firmly holding your breasts in place during high-impact activities. 

2. Prevent or Reduce Pain

We may refer to breasts as a single body part, but they’re composed of numerous ligaments and tissue that connect to the muscles in your chest. 

Engaging in a vigorous activity without the support of a properly fitting sports bra can stress those ligaments and cause you pain. That pain isn’t necessarily limited to the breast area, either. Working out without a sports bra can also leave you vulnerable to back, neck, and shoulder pain.

3. Adaptable Comfort

Regardless of what type of bra you're shopping for, the "right" one will increase your comfort level. But a regular bra, no matter how good it may be, simply isn't up to the challenges created by a vigorous workout. 

Not only is a sweaty bra uncomfortable, but the sweat and increased friction that often accompany a workout session can leave you vulnerable to heat rashes, yeast infections, and other types of skin irritation.

Quality sports bras are composed of breathable, moisture-wicking materials that will keep you comfortable from warm-up to cool down.

4. Improved Confidence

If you’re like many ladies out there, you know what it feels like to start a workout only to find the bra you have on doesn’t offer the support you were expecting. Unwanted bouncing and inefficient support can quickly move you from self-motivated to self-conscious. 

A sports bra won’t leave you hanging (or bouncing) during a workout, making it easier for you to stay confident and focus on your goals instead. 

Improved Confidence

What's the difference between a Sports Bra and Regular Bra?

“Regular bras” have their benefits—from support to aesthetics—but they typically aren’t designed to meet the challenges women face when they’re working out. A good sports bra will always be created with two primary goals in mind: active support and moisture control.  

A properly fitting sports bra is essential for all women, but a sports bra becomes even more critical if you have a larger bust. Not only will the right bra make your workout and post-workout more comfortable, but it can save you from a lot of pain. 

Women with large busts are prone to experience more back, neck, and shoulder pain associated with inadequate breast support. That can turn your efforts to improve your health into activities that make it less likely you’ll want to or be able to continue down your desired fitness journey. 

In the past, many women felt they needed to choose between comfort and aesthetics. The sports bra has come a long way. Today’s selections include bras that can not only serve their purpose but match your personality, giving you the support you want whether you're working up a sweat, running errands, or simply lounging at home.

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