Ladies, we’ve all been there. You want to go for a run, do some yoga, or a hike, but you don’t want to suffer from the horrible side-effects brought on by your sports bra: mainly, the uniboob. 

Know you’re not alone in your suffering; many women have put up with the uncomfortable and chafe-inducing phenomenon, especially those of us with bigger busts. 

No one wants to deal with that squished mass that somehow makes exercising and wearing clothes harder, and sometimes, unsanitary. So, what can you do to combat the uniboob?

Can A Uniboob be Eliminated While Wearing a Sports Bra?

Why do Sports Bras Squish the Girls?

Most sports bras are typically compression bras. They press the girls together and hold them still, so we don’t have to worry about any mishaps. 

Unfortunately, wearing the wrong bra smashes your breasts together in an uncomfortable heap on your chest. While these bras are designed to hold your breasts in place, the problem is, typical sports bras don’t stop the bounce — they just stop the sway. 

Basically, these bras will stop your breasts from going side to side, not up and down. 

Sports bras just squish your breasts to “hold them still.” This strategy might work for girls on the lower end of the bra alphabet, but the further up you go, the less useful sports bras are. 

There are a few bras that fit into this category, including minimizers, shelf bras, and t-shirt bras. In fact, wearing the wrong sports bra can cause chafing, excess sweat, sometimes yeast infections. So, to avoid all of that, what should you consider when picking out a sports bra?

Check out the Fit

Let’s examine what might be wrong with your sports bra. Is your chest sagging, sides bulging, or are they bouncing around when you try to do your first jumping jack? 

You shouldn’t feel intense discomfort, you shouldn’t sag, and you shouldn’t have to layer up. A good sports bra will take care of these issues. 

If you want to avoid the discomfort, you should treat a sports bra like an actual bra. We’re not suggesting you work out in a bra intended for everyday wear, but you should pick us a sports bra that matches certain criteria. 

Before all else, make sure to get the proper fit with a bra sizing, and you will thank yourself for it later. In addition to the right fit, here are a few things to remember when picking out the right sports bra and avoiding the dreaded uniboob.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to bras, if you are buying small/medium/ or large labeled bras, you are doing your ta-tas a disservice. All breasts are different; sometimes even in the same bra, you can have two differently shaped boobs. 

That’s the beauty of them, and of course, the one-size-fits all approach isn’t very effective, especially when it comes to keeping them in place. 

Variety means that fit is crucial, so you should get a proper bra fitting. Also, you should choose a bra that has sizing. When you know your size, you don’t have to guess where you might fit on the spectrum, or struggle to slip into a bra that barely fits. It should feel comfortable when you have it on, and generic sizing won’t fit you in all the right places.

Consider all the parts that go into a well-fitted bra: the straps, the cups, the closure. You want to make sure you have the right support, especially if you intend on working up a sweat. 

Selecting something that has a more one-size fits most body types isn’t necessarily going to have the best fit, especially anyone with larger boobs. Don’t settle and pick a bra with the proper sizing.

Bra Size Does Matter Glamorise Blog

Gotta Keep’ Em Separated

The most obvious problem with uniboob is the visual. The wrong bra will have your breasts smashed together in an indistinct lump. 

When selecting a bra, instead of choosing one that lays like a band across the chest to hold the boobs in place, bras should have separate cups. Each boob should be properly cradled in its own personal cup. This design keeps the girls in place and holds back the strain. 

Not only are your breasts covered with side-to-side movement, but you also won’t have to worry about sagging or bouncing. 

In fact, no matter what size you are, this is important to combat the dreaded sag and to keep your breasts safe and comfortable in every activity. Plus, since they won’t be pressed together, it will protect you from excess sweat and chafing. 

Closures are Important

Much like with generic fit and proper cup size, the same rules should apply when it comes to the back (or front) of your bra. The back of your bra shouldn’t just stretch to fit, and it most certainly should not pull over your head. The right sports bra should hug your curves and give them that extra layer of support.

Having a secure fit gives you the added boost you need, especially while working out. A bra without a closure won’t hold up very well against a sprint. Also, front closures aren’t really that supportive either, since there is typically no adjustment options. 

Keeping it Cool

Finally, the last step in selecting the best sports bra and how to avoid uniboob mishaps is to make sure you get a bra with the right material. Though we put our daily-wear bras through a lot in our everyday routine, a sports bra has to be steadfast under pressure. That means it should take any sweat, movement, and punishment we throw at it. 

Pick a bra with good material and moisture-wicking properties. This will ensure your bra keeps its shape longer and keeps you dry and cool as you break a sweat. 

Materials like cotton may be great for a regular bra, but a sports bra needs to wash well and stay tight. Delicate materials will not do. Plus, you want something that will last and will help you avoid any chafing. With the right material, you can work out as much as you want, uniboob-free.

The Right Bra to Fit the Bill

The Right Bra to Fit the Bill

When it comes down to avoiding uniboob, the important thing to take away is that you should approach your sports bra purchase like a bra you’d wear every day.

Fit is most important. With proper sizing, material, and separation, you don’t have to suffer from uniboob. Treat the girls right; choose support.

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