Just call her the modern-day Elle Woods. As a social media influencer, model, pageant contestant, and law student, Emma Loney isn’t afraid to take on a lot. With a jam-packed school schedule and thousands of Instagram followers to keep up with, Emma’s as hardworking as can be, and consciously puts making positive change at the heart of what she does. “Being an influencer to me is about so much more than promoting products and working with brands,” she says. “It’s a space to give positive influence, share important issues, and uplift and empower others.” Keep reading our Q&A with Emma below where we chat about her experience as an influencer, studying law, and how she hopes to make an impact.

Hi, Emma! We’re so excited to chat with you. Can you tell us what inspired you to become an influencer?

I have always loved taking pictures and started my Instagram when I was in high school. I had no idea what I was doing, but just started sharing photos of my life. I slowly started to get more into fashion, and then got involved in pageantry, which had me using social media frequently. I realized I could use social media to share messages that were important to me, like eating disorder awareness and body positivity, and that is when I started to spend more time creating content and putting out meaningful messages. In doing this, I was able to create a space that embodied what I had always wished to see growing up.

When did you notice that you were gaining a following on social media?

I really started gaining a following when I stopped trying to be what I thought people wanted to see on social media. I had this idea that I had to share the perfect image all of the time, and was left feeling that it wasn't authentic and at the same time, wasn't connecting with people. When I started to embrace my "flaws" and share my story, people connected with that.

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity, to me, is loving yourself in the skin you are in. I believe anybody and everyBODY can be a part of the body positivity movement. Everyone struggles with body image at some point in their lives, and showing people that self-love and acceptance is important no matter your size is so important to me!

What are your top tips for other aspiring influencers?

My biggest tip, as cliche as it sounds, is be yourself. People like to follow real people that they can relate to. As far as actual content, it is important to create images that have good lighting and this can easily be achieved with natural lighting! Lastly, figure out your personal brand. For me, it is body positivity and embracing my curves. Create content that connects with this main purpose of your social media so that your audience can keep coming to your page for that.

Who is your biggest fashion icon?

Ashley Graham all day every day. She was the first woman in fashion that I saw and said, "Oh my goodness, she looks like me." It was such an unexplainable feeling, finally seeing a supermodel that had a body similar to mine, and I know so many other plus-sized and curvy babes feel the same way!

Tell us your must-follow Instagram influencers for style inspo!

I follow so many amazing plus-size and body positive influencers, but some of my faves for fashion and style inspo are @blonde_inthedistrict, @veneziacruz, @healthychick101, @jessicajanaee, and my sweet friend @samhostetter_!

Aside from Instagram, you also model and study law. How do you juggle your social media work with being in law school?

I will be completely honest — it isn't easy! I have to keep a neat schedule to make sure that I am getting things done in every aspect of my life and not missing deadlines. For me, school is first. If anything else starts to become too much that it is interfering with my studies, I cut down on it so I can give more focus to school. With that being said, I spend a lot of time working with social media and modeling. It is a balancing act and my break from one thing is usually working on another thing. For example, when I get done with class for the day, I usually shoot content for an hour or so. This works well for me because it gives my mind a break from school. Modeling jobs are the least frequent as far as day-to-day, but I am only able to take jobs that work with my schedule. I stay busy, but I love everything I do!

What interests you most about studying law?

I double majored in criminal justice and psychology in undergrad, and through my studies, believed that our criminal justice system needs some serious help. I always thought about going to law school, but wasn't sure because of all the obstacles to get there. But, I realized that becoming a lawyer was the best way, in my eyes, to make a difference in the criminal justice system. I hope to practice criminal law and one day be a district attorney.

You definitely have a jam-packed schedule! How do you unwind after a busy week?

I wish I could say something super fancy, but it is watching Netflix or Hulu, having a snack, and being wrapped up in my heated blanket. I also love to go shopping!

Do you have any advice for other young women juggling multiple careers?

I truly believe we can do anything we set our minds to, and that we can never let the negative words of others defeat us or keep us from following our dreams. The worst that can happen is that we try and fail, and after that, get back up and try again. If you really want something, navigate the necessary steps it will take for you to get there, figure out how to make those steps obtainable, and work from there. There will always be family, friends, and even strangers telling you what to do or that you can't do something, and the most important thing is that you do not let what anyone says stop you or keep you from following your dreams. If I had, I would not be in law school, not be on social media, not in pageantry, and not modeling.

Which Glamorise bra is your favorite? Tell us why you love it!

My go-to Glamorise bra is the Front-Close Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra! I love this bra because it is easy to put on, doesn't have any wiring, and is something I can wear around the house without feeling like I'm wearing a bra! It is the most comfortable bra I own and something I wear with almost everything! For daily life, nights out, or just lounging at home, the Lacey T-Back Front-Close WonderWire Bra is IT! This bra gives me the support I need, makes me feel beautiful, and is quick and easy to get on. This bra really checks all the boxes for me in regards to what I want in a bra. I'm usually stuck having to choose either looks or support, but with this bra, I don't have to sacrifice either!

Lastly, if you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

Never let anyone make you feel like you are less than what you are, and never let anyone's disbelief in you stop you from chasing your dreams.


Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 9/30/21
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