Any time of year is a good time for a healthier, more active you. So, if you are planning on getting physical, it’s a great idea to have the right equipment for the task. Running in your everyday bra can definitely be uncomfortable, so picking up a sports bra should be at the top of the list.

Of course, if you plan on exercising more than once a week, you may need to pick up more than one bra to get you through your vigorous activity. So, how many sports bras do you need and why should you get one?

Quick Question: How Many Sports Bras Should I Own?

Benefits of Sports Bras

Okay, exercising is a great way to get some endorphins and clear your head, but if you are jogging or doing yoga in your everyday bra, you may be doing damage to your breasts. Regardless of your size, your girls need extra support and compression, so you can exercise to your heart’s content without worrying about them bouncing.

Without proper compression, your breast tissue can stretch and break. This can cause sagging, and it can be extremely painful, especially for women with larger breasts. Sports bras help reduce the impact of high to medium energy exercise and give you the gift of extra support during your workouts, from CrossFit to yoga.

Selecting the Right Sports Bra for You

Sports bras are not just one-size-fits-all. Depending on the type of activity you are performing, you need a bra that fits the bill. If you are performing more high-impact sports, like running, competitive lifting, or CrossFit, you’ll need a bra that can help absorb the force. If you are on high-octane, opt for a bra that can hold up against intense activity.

If you plan on doing yoga, walking, or other low-impact exercises, you can go for a bra that isn’t as extreme.

Another factor that can determine the type of sports bra you get is the size of your chest. If you want to avoid uni-boob or need extra support for larger breasts, you may want to go for an underwire bra. An underwire sports bra usually has separated cups and offers additional support while still hugging the body like other sports bras. Of course, you can always choose one without a wire if that is your personal preference.

Buying for Your Body Now

If you are looking for a sports bra, or you have an old one tucked away, keep in mind that you should find one that fits your current body. The goal is to protect and provide comfort for your girls, and if you have a bra that no longer offers that, it may be time for a new one. Likewise, if you are on the hunt for a new bra, make sure you get your measurements before buying rather than relying on old info. A good fitting can help support your girls in the long run.

No Need to Double Up

If you are trying to figure out how many bras you need, keep in mind that you should only need to wear one bra when exercising. There’s no need to put on more than one. If you are, you may need to find a better option. While women with larger chests may worry about extra support, there are options out there that will give you the lift and compression you need to work out safely.

If you are doubling up, it may be time to look at your bra and size. Ideally, you should be working out in a bra that fits. If you are worried about paying a little extra, consider how much you pay to buy multiple bras that don’t fit properly. With the right size and style, one bra is all you need to hold the girls in place.

No Need to Double Up

So, how many Sports Bras Do You Really Need?

The number of sports bras you own depends on the type of workouts you do and how often you exercise. Ideally, you should have a sports bra for every day you work out. If you plan on having some variety in workouts, you should have at least one for high-intensity sweat sessions like aerobics or running. If you plan on lower impact workouts like hiking or Barre, a medium-impact bra should do the trick.

You should give your bras at least one day to dry out and recover from a workout so they can retain their elasticity and last longer. Also, if you work up a sweat, you should wash your bra after every workout, as the excess sweat can damage and break down your bra over time. If you do your laundry often, you can probably get away with having fewer bras. However, it’s a good idea to at least have 2-3 at the ready.

Proper Fit for Fitness

When it comes to the number of bras you should own, it all comes down to your lifestyle. Depending on the type of exercise, how often you work out, and how often you do your laundry, the number of sports bras you should own can vary. If you want to put a solid number on it, try to have at least three sports bras in your wardrobe, with one option to handle high-impact workouts. Keep your girls comfortable no matter what you do with a proper bra with the right fit.

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