Shopping for sports bras can be a daunting task. Similar to your favorite everyday bra, a sports bra should provide ample support for a high impact workouts. There are many different sports bra styles to choose from, and a popular style is a front zip sports bra. This type of sports bra has a zipper front closure that is easy to get on and off.

Zip front sports bras are easy to wear, comfortable, and provide incredible support like a regular sports bra does. Keep reading below for our tips for finding the best zip front sports bra for your workouts, and our recommendation for the best zip front bra.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Zip-Front Sports Bra

Front zip sports bras are a great option for any women looking for light compression and maximum support for higher impact activities. Below are our top 6 tips to consider when shopping for a zip front sports bra.

1. Support

Look for a sports bra with the proper level of support for your activities. Not all sports bras will provide the same level of support. Factors like the fabrics, adjustability, and whether it is wireless or has underwires will all contribute to the amount of support the sports bra provides. A good zip front sports bra will be made of quality fabrics and have features that provide extra support for high intensity activities.

If your zip front sports bra is wireless, make sure that the fabrics are durable and that the band fits properly. Doing so will ensure you get proper support. And if you prefer a sports bra with underwires for your most intense workouts, look for a style that has extra padding or cushion around the wires. This will prevent any uncomfortable wire poke. Some sports bras also feature molded cups or even removable cups for customizable comfort.

2. Comfort

Having a sports bra made of quality fabrics that wick away sweat is one of the most important factors to consider. Look for a bra made of breathable fabrics that won't irritate your skin. We naturally sweat more during exercise and intense workouts. Your go-to front zip sports bras should be made of moisture wicking fabric that wicks away boob sweat for a comfortable fit. Sweat wicking fabrics will keep you comfortably cool throughout your workout and will also help alleviate any chafing of your breast tissue and skin. Wearing a sweaty sports bra that doesn't wick away moisture can be extremely uncomfortable.

Another benefit of a zip front sports bra is that you don't need to reach behind you to fasten it. Reaching behind you to fasten your bra can be uncomfortable, and trying to take off a sweaty sports bra over your head after an intense workout can be even more difficult. Look for a front zip sports bra that has moisture wicking fabric and an easy zipper front closure for a comfortable fit.

3. Size

Making sure you are wearing a bra in the right size for your body is crucial. Most sports bras come in basic sizes like small, medium, or large. You should steer clear of sports bras that follow this sizing, instead opting for a style that follows the same band and cup sizing as your regular bra.

Quality zip front sports bras will come in band and cup sizes like your everyday bra. Having a front zip sports bra in your actual bra size will ensure that it is the best fit for your body and provides the support you need for high impact workouts.

4. Adjustability

Unlike many back-closure bras that have multiple band adjustments, many zip front sports bras do not offer the same adjustability. However, a good zip front sports bra will offer an added band adjustment in the back to ensure your sports bra fits snugly around your rib cage and thus provides ample support. Having an additional band adjustment will ensure that your sports bra provides the maximum support and comfort it can. Whether or not you prefer a zip front sports bra with adjustable straps is also something to consider.

5. Removable Pads or No Padding

Another thing to consider when shopping for sports bras is whether or not they have removable padding. Some women prefer to have some padding in bra cups for modesty, but others prefer removable cups or molded cups with no padding at all. Some women prefer push up bras altogether for an added lift.

Having a sports bra with removable pads gives you the option to decide how much coverage you would like. There are also zip front sports bras that have no padding at all, like the zip sports bra from Glamorise.

6. Style

Choose a zip front bra that accommodates your needs and is comfortable. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable zip front sports bra that digs in or chafes. One of the best front zip sports bra styles is the Zip Up Front-Closure Sports Bra from Glamorise. Keep reading the next section to learn what makes this the best zip front sports bra.

The Best Zip Front Sports Bra for Large Breasts

Zip The Zip Up Front-Closure Sports Bra from Glamorise

Price: $66.00

Review: 4.1/5 Stars

This zip front sports bra from Glamorise is ultimate sports bra for women of all bust sizes. It has many features that make it a comfortable and supportive option for any workout and one of the best front close sports bras on the market.

As a comfortable wireless front-closure bra, this is the best front zip sports bra for both everyday wear and active wear. Plus, this full coverage sports bra is available in a wide size range, from cup sizes B to G and band sizes 34 to 48.

Read more about the best zip front sports bra below.

Zipper Closure

True to its name, this zip front sports bra features a front zipper closure and is easy to get on and off. This zipper closure also features an added hook for extra security and the secure zipper locks into place. Plus, the zipper has a small fabric zipper garage on the top for a smooth silhouette and to ensure the zipper doesn't snag on your top. Zipper front bras are the easiest bras to get on and off, making a zip front sports bra a great option for women with mobility issues or post shoulder surgery.

Band Adjustment

Unlike other front zip sports bras, this sports bra also features an added band hook-and-eye adjustment in the back so you can customize the fit. You don't need to fasten and unfasten this adjustment every time you put on this zip front bra, but this allows you to adjust the band as needed over time. Since the band of your bra provides the majority of the support, being able to adjust the band is a crucial component of a supportive bra. Your bra band should lay flat against your body to provide the support you need.

Criss Cross Back Straps

This zip sports bra also features a strappy racerback design. While it doesn't have adjustable straps, the criss cross shoulder straps prevent slipping and also make this a great sports bra to wear under tops with racerback straps. The sporty racerback style is both versatile and cute to pair with your workout wear.

Wire Free Support

This zip front bra provides comfortable wire free support that won't poke or pinch you. Plus, the full coverage design keeps you comfortably cool as well with moisture wicking fabrics and a breathable racerback design.

Concluding Thoughts

Zip front sports bras are popular styles for both working out and everyday. These sports bras offer versatile and comfortable support whether you're on the go or in the gym.

The zip front sports bra from Glamorise is one of the best zip front sports bras. This sports bra features a zipper closure, criss cross back design, and band adjustment, making it the ultimate sports bra for anyone looking for a front zipper sports bra.

Zipper front bras are a versatile and comfortable option for any woman searching for a good sports bra. The Zip Up Front-Closure Sports Bra from Glamorise is the best front zip bra for women with large breasts. You can purchase this bra from Glamorise here.

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