We’ve all been there. You want to go for a run, do some yoga, or hike, but you don’t have a sports bra that’s up to the task. Even worse, your current sports bras leave you with the dreaded uniboob.

If this is a frequent occurrence for you, you’re not alone. Many women put up with the uncomfortable and chafe-inducing uniboob phenomenon, especially those of us with bigger busts. Whether you’re naturally larger-chested or have had a breast augmentation, you’re going to need lots of support during any high-impact activities, but a regular old sports bra won’t always do the trick.

No one wants to deal with a sports bra that uncomfortably squishes the bust into a uniboob. So, what can you do to prevent it?

sports bra that separates

Why Do Sports Bras Cause Uniboob?

Most sports bras are typically compression bras. They press the girls together and hold them still, so we don’t have to worry about any mishaps or uncomfortable movements.

Wearing a sports bra that only provides compression can push your breasts together into an uncomfortable heap on your chest. While these bras are designed to hold your breasts in place, the problem is that they don’t stop the bounce — they just stop the sway from side to side, not up and down. Wearing the wrong sports bra can cause chafing, excess sweating, and sometimes yeast infections, none of which are pleasant.

Compression sports bras might work for girls on the lower end of the bra alphabet, but the farther up you go, the less useful standard sports bras are. Whether you’ve had breast implants or are naturally big-busted, you’re going to need a full coverage sports bra that ticks all the boxes.

Glamorise sports bras are different from the rest because they provide both compression and encapsulation of the bust. Compression hugs the bust against the body, while encapsulation provides the much-needed separation of the breasts for individual support — which is what prevents uniboob.

Fit Is Everything

If your sports bra leaves your boobs sagging, sides bulging, or leaves you bouncing around when you do a jumping jack, it probably isn’t a good fit. A good sports bra will take care of these issues. Before all else, having a proper-fitting sports bra is crucial.

When it comes to sports bras, if you are buying ones in sizes labeled small, medium, or large, you are doing yourself a disservice. All breasts are different — you may even have two differently shaped boobs yourself — which is why a one-size-fits all approach isn’t very effective.

You should choose a sports bra that has a specific band and cup size like your everyday bra. When you know your size, you don’t have to guess where you might fit on the spectrum, or struggle to slip into a bra that barely fits.

Bras with one-size-fits-most sizing scales are not going to have the best fit, especially for anyone with larger boobs.

adjustable sports bra

Keep Them Separated

Besides being uncomfortable, another obvious problem with uniboob is how it looks. The wrong bra will have your breasts smashed together in an indistinct lump.

When selecting a sports bra, instead of choosing one that lays like a band across the chest to hold the boobs in place, it should have separate cups. As previously mentioned, a good sports bra should provide both compression and encapsulation of the bust. Each boob should be properly cradled in its own personal cup. This design comfortably keeps your boobs in place and avoids creating a uniboob effect.

No matter what size you are, having a bra with both these features is important to combat the dreaded sag and to keep your breasts comfortably supported in every activity.

Closures are Important

Much like with generic fit and proper cup size, the same rules should apply when it comes to the back (or front) of your bra. The back of your bra shouldn’t just stretch to fit, and it most certainly should not pull over your head. The right sports bra should hug your curves and give the added bonus of adjustable support.

Having a secure fit gives you the added boost you need, especially while working out. A sports bra with a back hook-and-eye closure with multiple settings will give you a secure fit and allow you to adjust the band as the bra stretches out over time. For this reason, front closure sports bras aren’t really that supportive, since there is typically no way to adjust the band.

sports bra that lifts and separates

Cool & Collected

Finally, the last step in selecting the best sports bra to avoid uniboob mishaps is to make sure you get a bra with the right material. Sports bras need to handle high levels of sweat and movement, so picking a sports bra with high quality moisture-wicking fabrics is important. This will ensure your bra keeps its shape longer, as well as keep you dry and cool when you break a sweat.

Materials like cotton may be great for a regular bra, but a sports bra needs to wash well and stay tight. Delicate materials will not do. Plus, you want something that will last and will help you avoid any chafing. With the right material, you can work out as much as you want and avoid the uncomfortable uniboob.


Are There Any Alternative Types of Bras That Can Prevent Uniboob?

Some sports bra styles are better than others for preventing uni-boob. An encapsulation bra that has underwires and molded cups is a great option to prevent uniboob. This sports bra style will keep the bust comfortably in separate cups that not only helps to minimize breast movement, but also helps to keep the bust separate.

The 4 Best Sports Bras That Eliminate Uniboob

  1. MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra
  2. High Impact Seamless Sports Bra
  3. No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra
  4. No-Bounce Camisole Elite Sports Bra

If you’re wondering where you can find a sports bra that checks all these boxes, look no further — Glamorise sports bras are designed to go the distance. Our collection of plus-size sports bras are designed to provide both compression and encapsulation and are fit for sizes up to 50J. Here are four of our top sports bra picks that will keep you supported, secure, and uniboob-free:


Most Comfortable Sports Bra That Lifts and Separates

MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra

MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra

Price: $51

Review: 4.5/5 Stars

The MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra is a wire-free bra that provides comfortable support from work to working out. The wire-free MagicLift® design supports the bust with a reinforced inner-bust band that does the heavy lifting. Plus wide, adjustable straps won’t slip off your shoulders and a back hook-and-eye closure lets you adjust to your fit. With five versatile colors to choose from and smooth, seamless cups, this sports bra is perfect for wearing under any top both in and out of the gym.


Best Sports Bra for High Intensity Workouts That Separates

High Impact Seamless Sports Bra

High Impact Seamless Sports Bra

Price: $64

Review: 4.6/5 Stars

The High Impact Seamless Sports Bra is a reliable pick for your most intense workouts. This sports bra features our exclusive padded WonderWire® design that prevents the underwire from ever touching the body. With a back hook-and-eye closure, high-performing moisture-wicking fabrics, and a cushioned underwire, this bra provides full coverage and full support throughout your most high-intensity workouts.


Best No Bounce Sports Bra That Lifts and Separates

No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra

No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra

Price: $41

Review: 4.7/5 Stars

If you're looking for full coverage and full support, look no further than the No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra. This plus-size sports bra features a breathable mesh camisole design for total upper bust containment and bounce control. Plus, wire-free non-stretch cups will keep your bust comfortably secure throughout your workout.

With nine versatile color options and comfortable support, this wireless bra can easily be worn under your everyday clothing as well as to the gym. Want to stand out? Then the super-bright Rose Violet shade is the one for you!


Best Adjustable Sports Bra for Large Breasts That Lifts and Separates

No-Bounce Camisole Elite Sports Bra

No-Bounce Camisole Elite Sports Bra

Price: $47

Review: 4.8/5 Stars

The No-Bounce Camisole Elite Sports Bra is a match made in heaven for women looking for a high-performing, full coverage sports bra. This sports bra features a breathable mesh insert for total bust containment and bounce control, as well as wide adjustable straps and a back hook-and-eye closure to adjust to your fit. Non-stretch cups keep your boobs securely in place, and wire-free support keeps things comfortable. This sports bra takes it to the next level with high-tech moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat up and away to keep you comfortably cool and dry.



When it comes to avoiding uniboob, the most important thing is to have a high quality sports bra that truly fits your body. Whether you’ve had a breast augmentation or a naturally larger chested, a sports bra with proper sizing, fabrics, and support will let you tackle your workouts with ease and uniboob-free. Want a sports bra recommendation tailored to your preferences? Answer a few simple questions in our Bra Finder Quiz and we’ll match you with the perfect sports bra for you.

Also check out our best support bras for more options that lift and separate.

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