Ladies! Bras get a bad rap because they often look like a torture contraption rather than a simple everyday garment. So, when people ask you, "how do you put your bra on?"

What do you tell them? It's a simple question, but you likely have your way of doing it. Do you put the back part over your head first or hook it up in front? Or maybe you start with one arm and then the other?

There's no right or wrong way to put a bra on. However, when it comes to the wide variety of bras out there, some have more straightforward ways of getting them on.

Women – How Do You Put Your Bra On?

How Do You Put Your Bra On?

When approached with this question, you likely answer the same way as most women: "one boob at a time." While that's true for most women, when it comes to different styles of bras, there are various methods for getting them on without getting them all twisted up or stretching them out (and possibly damaging them).

So, when it comes to how you put your bra on, do you have a specific method? Here are a few different ways of putting other style bras on with ease:

How to Put On Traditional & T-Shirt Bras

With the traditional bra style, also referred to by some brands as T-shirt bras, some women can put their arms through the straps first, then hook the bra closed behind them. However, this method can be a bit difficult for some people.

Another popular method is putting the bra around your underbust, securing the clasps in front, and turning the bra so that the clasps are in the back. From there, put your arms through the straps and pull the garment up so your breasts fit comfortably in the cups.

How to Put On Front Close Bras

These bras are a little easier than the traditional bra style since you don't have to worry about hooking your bra up in the back. Instead, you simply need to lace the bra behind your back, put your arms through the straps, and close the clasp in front.

How to Put On Sports Bras

Most sports bras tend to look like medieval torture devices. While they are designed for maximum support, they aren't the most effortless style to put on.

Most women like to put these bras on like a traditional bra, but then they roll up the straps and fasten them in the front. This method is a lot easier than dealing with the straps twisted up on the back.

When it comes to single-piece sports bras that don't have any clasps, women tend to pull the bra over their head and then pull the cups down to cover their breasts.

Finally, if your sports bra is a front-close bra, then you can just put it on as you normally would, clasp it closed in the front, and, if it comes with a zipper closure for extra support, zip it up.

Sports Bras

How to Put On Racerback Bras

Much like sports bras, racerback bras can be rather tricky to put on. If it is a single-piece bra, then you'll need to pull it over your head and then down over your breasts.

However, many racerback bras do have the traditional criss cross backing and an adjustable strap at the bottom. This means you'll likely need to pull the bra over your head, pull it down as far as you can over your chest, secure it, and then turn it around so that you can thread your arms through the straps.

How to Put On Strapless Bras

Finally, there's the strapless bra. This style can be challenging because many have a special plastic lining around the cups and strap to ensure that the bra doesn't move around.

The easiest method for putting on a strapless bra is to place the cups behind you and hook the bra closed in front. Then, you'll need to carefully turn the bra around so that you can pull your breasts into the cups.

The good news is that many strapless bras now come with front closures, making them much easier to put on.

How to Put On Lace Bras and Lingerie

Lace bras are a lot easier to put on than other styles of bras, but they do take a bit more care than different types of bras.

When putting on a lace bra, you'll first want to get the cups over your breasts, then pull the straps up over your shoulders. While you may be able to lace up the bra in front and then turn it around to fit correctly, this is a bit more difficult with the delicate lacy materials.

There is No Wrong Way to Put on a Bra

So, ladies: how do you put your bra on? Do you have a method that you stick to? Or do you just put your bras on without a care in the world? There's no right or wrong way to put on a bra. The only thing that matters is that your bra fits correctly and is comfortable for all-day wear.

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