The fashion industry is growing at a rapid rate. New brands are popping up every day, and it's hard to keep track of them all.

One thing that has become clear in recent years is the increase in plus-size models. These women have been breaking barriers for decades, but now they're finally getting their rightful place on the runway!

Before diving into the top plus size bra models of 2021, you will want to know what qualifies someone as a plus-size model.

What Qualifies a Bra Model as Plus-Size?

Believe it or not, anyone can be a plus-size bra model. It's not just about the number on the scale – it takes more than that to qualify as plus-size.

Many factors go into being considered plus-size, including height, weight, and body shape. The most common misconception is that you have to be five feet tall or above and weigh at least 200 pounds to become a plus-size lingerie model.

When it comes to the physical requirements to qualify as a plus-size model, those in the fashion industry typically define plus-size models as:

  • Size 12 and up with "balanced" body proportions.

  • Your waist should ideally be 10 inches smaller than your hips.

  • Height will vary, though most high fashion models are between 5'9" and 6', fit models are typically between 5'5" and 5'9", and commercial models can be just about any height.

How Do You Become a Plus-Size Bra Model?

Bra models use their talents across the fashion industry for brands of all sizes, from small intimate lacy bras with delicate straps to full-coverage sports bras designed for larger breasts. This means they represent themselves well on social media platforms like Instagram, where follower counts are important!

Of course, if you're serious about breaking into plus-size modeling, you'll need to do your research into fashion talent agencies that specialize in plus-size modeling and what they look for in their models. You'll want to book interviews and castings with agencies that represent plus-size models.

You may also want to take some time to do your research into the fashion industry and see where you feel most comfortable and what kind of modeling work interests you before deciding on a particular agency or brand.

While some women are okay with modeling bra and panty sets, others may be more comfortable with sexier looks, such as those featured in Sports Illustrated.

So make sure you take your time, do your research, and know your standards and limitations.

How Do You Become a Plus-Size Bra Model?

Top 9 Plus-Size Bra Models of 2021

Those in the fashion industry have been working hard to encourage body positivity, and as a result, plus-size models have started gracing the runways more and more.

So, who has led the way for plus-size models in the bra and lingerie industries? Here are the top nine plus-size bra models that will be gracing runways, magazines, and other marketing materials this year:

Ashley Graham

Considered America's plus-size darling, Ashley Graham is a huge advocate for the body positivity movement. She was even the first plus-size model featured in an ad in the infamous Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue.

Tess Holliday

Tess is another well-known American plus-size model. She has done work worldwide and has been heavily featured in high-fashion magazines, including Elle, Vogue Italia, and Harper's Bazaar UK.

Candice Huffine

Candice has more than ten years of experience working as a plus-size model for some well-known brands, including Ralph Lauren. She began her career in modeling at 16 years of age and is now also working as a designer.

Robyn Lawley

Robyn is the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She has been in editorials for Elle UK and Vogue Australia, as well as having appeared in campaigns such as ASOS Swimwear and Lane Bryant's Cacique lingerie line.

Paloma Elsesser

Paloma is a plus-size model who has walked the runway for designers such as Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren, and Mercedes-Benz. She appeared on Glossier billboards and the cover of US Vogue.

Barbie Ferriera

Barbie is an American plus-size model and actress. Best known for her role on the HBO series Euphoria, she modeled for brands like Aerie, Adidas and H&M.

Kate Wasley

Australian plus-size model Kate is an advocate for being body positive at any size. Kate was part of the feature for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Tara Lynn

Tara is a plus-sized American model who is primarily shooting lingerie and swimwear. Working with brands such as H&M and Lucky, she has appeared in Elle’s plus-size fashion shoot and on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Sabina Karlsson

Swedish model Sabina Karlsson is a plus-size bra model who has walked the runway for designers including Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. She also starred in an ad series with Kate Upton for Levi's Curve ID denim collection.

Genuine Beauty Doesn't Have a Size.

Plus-size models are fashion icons who continue to redefine the industry. Models come in many shapes and sizes. These different bodies help show off clothes better on both men and women, creating more diversity within the fashion industry.

Need proof that all sizes are beautiful? Then make sure to check out our catalog featuring beautiful plus-size models.
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