Ah, sleep! The elusive, sought after, and much-loved activity that we all need. Bedtime is practically the only time we get to let down our hair, get into our comfiest clothes, and truly relax. Unfortunately, sometimes our chests don't make that easy.

Trying to sleep comfortably can be difficult if your boobs are sliding into your armpits. If you have a large breast size, getting comfortable at night can be a challenge.

If you have trouble going bra-less and getting a comfortable night's sleep, a sleep bra can help you out. So, what exactly makes a sleep bra different from other bras? Let's go through how to shop for the best sleep bras and find a comfy bra for you.

What Is Your Go-To Sleep Bra? Top 5 Things to Look For

What is a Sleep Bra?

A sleep bra is a wire free bra with soft cups that offers light support for a comfortable night's sleep. For women with larger busts, a sleep bra is a great option to wear overnight. A comfy sleep bra offers breast support throughout the night but is made of breathable fabric for light support. Most sleep bras are wireless, as no one wants the rigidity of an underwire bra while sleeping. Sleep bras are made of buttery soft fabrics and lightweight support for complete comfort. A sleep bra is often a front fastening bra, as this avoids having to lie on uncomfortable back closures while you sleep.

Sleep bras are a great option for women with larger busts. If you find that going bra-less overnight leaves you back or shoulder pain, you might benefit from wearing a wearing a sleep bra. A lightly supportive bra is a great option for if you have sensitive breast tissue or sensitive skin. Sleep bras are great for women with sensitive breasts. If sleeping without a bra on causes you any irritation or discomfort, a sleep bra can help alleviate it.

Unlike your regular bra, sleep bras are a comfortable option you can wear overnight. These bras are typically less supportive than your regular bra, but they are also way more comfortable. Sleep bras are easy to get on, are made of breathable fabric, and provide some more support while you sleep.

The Best Bras to Sleep In

Front-Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra

Front-Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra

Price: $40

Review: 4.3/5 Stars

The Front-Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort Bra from Glamorise is one of the best sleep bras for women with larger breasts. This soft cup bra features cotton rich fabric, a scoop neck, comfortable wide non adjustable straps, and a breathable racerback design for comfortable wear. The cups on this sleep bra stretch to accommodate changing or uneven cup sizes, and can comfortably accommodate band size 34 to 48 and cup size B through H.

With a hook-and-eye front-closure, this front fastening bra is easy to get in and out of, and it can easily double as a sleep nursing bra if you're in the postpartum period. This soft cup sleep bra comes in three cute colors has pretty lace trim and a breathable lace back design. This wire free bra makes for a comfortable night's sleep — whether you're in the postpartum period or if you simply have larger breasts and need light support.

The Positives of a Sleep Bra

The most obvious benefit of a sleep bra is the comfort it offers. The best sleep bras are made of light, breathable fabric, that comfortably supports sensitive breast tissue overnight. Wearing one when you're relaxing for the evening can keep the girls dry and cool and add a little support while lounging around.

If you are just chilling at home, sleep bras are the perfect go-to. Why go through the trouble of putting on a typical bra when you have something way more comfortable?

A good sleep bra will provide that extra support to prevent sagging and give you a little extra lift when you are lying around. If you have a larger breast size or even sensitive breasts, a sleep bra is also a great option to wear overnight for light support. The buttery soft fabric will prevent any chafing or irritation that can come with going bra-less overnight.

So, what should you look for when it comes to finding the right sleep bra for you? Here are five things to consider when shopping for the best sleep bras:

1. Comfortable Material

The girls have gotta breathe! The best way to ensure you are getting proper airflow is by picking out a light-weight option with breathable fabric. The best sleep bras are made of breathable cotton fabrics for a lightweight fit. Cool cotton is always a go-to, but other options can fit the bill too.

Another thing to keep in mind is texture. You are sleeping in this bra all night, so you want to make sure it feels good. That's not going to happen if you are chafing from a weird fabric or extra frills. Don't opt for a textured bra. Try something smooth, soft, and ready for a good night's sleep.

2. Wire-Free Options

Wires and boning are great for support. Unfortunately, they aren't the most comfortable things to sleep on. You may need the wire support all day, but there's no need for your sleep bra to hoist up your girls all night. The best sleep bras are wire free bras as they offer comfortable, lightweight support. A wireless bra can still offer the support you need without the rigidity of underwires.

Plus, you certainly don't want a random wire poking you or cutting into your ribcage. A soft bra that fits smoothly and seamlessly is the best bra for maximum comfort at night.

3. It's All in the Cups

Make sure your sleep bra has some soft cups. The last thing you want are uncomfortable molded or wired cups that are too rigid to get a comfortable night's sleep in.

The best sleep bras are soft cup bras as they offer a little extra support but are soft and breathable. You can go for a molded seamless bra that will hold the girls in place or something looser if you want a little extra freedom. There are plenty of options that will offer a little support without a stiff hold.

4. Hold Without the Harm

The last thing you want to worry about when you're headed to dreamland is a strap biting into your shoulder. Sleep bras are fashioned with softer, often non adjustable straps that will sit gently on your shoulders. A sleep bra might have thicker straps for comfort, but the best sleep bras do not have adjustable straps.

You don't want rigid adjustable straps with plastic bits digging into your skin as you toss and turn. Even a back closure can be irritating. A front fastening bra is the best option for a sleep bra. Thankfully, the best sleep bras have a front closure or don't have one at all and are pullover style that can be slipped over your head. For those who want a little extra support at night, you can find an option that suits your needs while remaining comfortable.

5. Padded or Non-Padded

Padding in sleep bras can be beneficial, depending on what you are looking for. It all comes down to how much structure and coverage you want. If you have sensitive nipples or are breastfeeding, you might prefer to have a lightly padded bra.

If you don't want any padding at all and want to give the girls some room to breathe, there are options without padding. If you aren't sure what you want or your mood changes from day to day, you can opt for a sleep bra with removable pads.

Padded or Non-Padded

After a full day of coverage and support, your breasts deserve a little relaxation. Sleep bras can provide the perfect middle ground for those who want a little extra support and comfort when lounging around. The main things to look for in a good sleep bra are super soft cotton rich fabric, non adjustable straps, and wire free support.

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