Bras are more than an everyday necessity; they can act as a fun and sultry accessory. With so many daring and flirty designs, it’s only fitting that we may want to show them off to our significant others.

Then again, what our partners may long for may be a little outside our “comfort” zone in more ways than one. Still, picking up a sexy bra can add a little spice to your wardrobe while giving you and your partner some...ahem, something to talk about. However, should you care what your partner’s favorite bra is?

Should Women Care What Their Partners Favorite Bra Is?

A Bra’s Purpose

When it comes down to brass tacks, a bra’s primary purpose is to offer your ta-tas support. It’s the best way to hoist the girls up and keep them comfortably situated on your chest—no need to worry about fighting gravity or adjusting your breasts. If you’ve found your ideal match and are wearing the proper size, a good bra can be a girl’s best friend.

However, bras can have multiple purposes. Lingerie is just the thing to light a fire in the bedroom or just give you a little confidence boost. But when it comes down to what we wear, do our partners really care all that much? Regardless, you can always add a little fun to your wardrobe. Let’s look at seven different bra types and what they can say about you.

1. The Plain ol’ Everyday Bra

If you are a fan of soft, simple nude bras, you’re in good company. Plenty of women opt for the easy and practical nude bra. Typically, if you want something that will make you look good in just about anything, a nude, seamless bra will practically disappear under your clothes.

These bras may not have all the bells and whistles, but they can make you feel amazing, and confidence is sexy. Plus, the nude color can make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all. If you have a well-fitting bra, it will give you that little extra comfort. There’s nothing like a go-to bra to give off that laid-back, flexible look.

2. Soft Lace

If you want to add a little spice to your undergarments, soft lace is an excellent place to start. You don’t necessarily have to be covered in floral frills to add a little sex appeal to your bras. Art is captured in the details, and this way, you can have your comfortable style with a flirty addition. Whether you want a light lace trim or subtle lacey details, this bra says that’s a little more to you than meets the eye.

3. Hardcore Lace

If you want to be less subtle, you can rock a bra sporting all the lace! Whether you want a layered lace look or something sheerer, a full lace bra can show off your romantic or sexy side. A full lace bra is usually a go-to for going out on the town or a special occasion, whether it’s a date or a celebration.

Lace is the perfect match for getting fancy, and the look can have a smoldering effect. Both classy and seductive, having a lace bra is a great addition to your wardrobe. Thankfully, with a lot of lace bras, you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for sex-appeal. There are plenty of bras that do both; of course, there are quite a few lacy combos that are just for show as well.

4. Printed Fun

The easiest way to show off your bubbly side or sultry side is by wearing a printed bra. Feeling saucy? A wild animal print is a perfect way to show off your playful side. Feeling a bit artistic or cheerful, a floral print is a great way to go. The fashion industry has given us a fair share of exciting designs that can capture fun in a bra! Unfortunately, it can still be tough to find fun prints in all sizes.

5. Sporty

Believe it or not, a sports bra has a certain sex-appeal to it. Since these bras are built to hold the girls and can be worn without a shirt, of course, they are! Plus, working up a sweat has its appeal. Sports bras hug the body and accentuate every curve; with a new surge of popularity, this activewear has seen some charming upgrades, such as lace, mesh, and other spicy details.

6. The Balconette

These bras can capture the best of almost every bra on this list. Lace, lift, and alluring style are all captured in this staple wardrobe must. The balconette is a classic bra design that offers less coverage than a demi-bra, but it is made to show off your curves. While they do have wider straps, they can help show off the girls if you are feeling exceptionally daring.

7. Cotton Bras

While not as flashy as the other bras on this list, there’s just something about that comfortable cotton bra that can be very appealing. It can be relaxed, laid-back, and even have a few little fun details. Cotton bras are not as intense as heavy lace or a balconette, but they are relatable. Sometimes charm is more easily found in simplicity.

So, Should You Care About Your Partner’s Favorite Bra?

When it comes down to the bottom line, no, you’re wearing the bra, so you can decide what you put on your body. However, that’s not saying you can’t have a little fun with your bras.

There are plenty of supportive and comfortable options, and having variety in your wardrobe is beneficial. Plus, if you have something your partner loves and keeps you happy, it’s just a win-win. Find the best fit for you and have a little fun doing it.

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