Finding a bra that fits like a dream is incredibly difficult. As we search the vast interwebs and endless pages of bras, we also have to keep in mind that not only is everyone’s body different, but you could have two different size breasts on the same body!

Sometimes buying a bra off the shelf just won’t cut it. As designers create the next new thing, the goal is usually to fit the majority, but when it comes to breasts, the variety of body types can make that trying. This is where custom orders can come in handy.

Are Custom Bras Needed? Can't A Regular Bra Work?

What’s a Bra for?

The goal of a bra is to lift your breasts and keep them separated. These fashion miracles can take the weight off our shoulders...and neck, and back. Of course, the better the fit, the more comfort they offer.

The best way to find your perfect bra match is to have a bra fitting. Having the proper measurements can bring you one step closer to getting the comfort you deserve. However, even with the right measurements, it can be challenging to find a bra that fits the bill right off the shelf.

The Limits of Everyday Bras

Plenty of stores are full of bras to browse, and they can be great! With so many styles and shapes, it’s quite possible you can find one that works for your body. However, since breast size and shape vary, it can still be difficult to find the right fit for you. Additionally, with the plethora of styles at your fingertips, narrowing down what works for you specifically can also be a challenge.

No matter what bra you find, it’s complicated to find one that will 100% fit your body and match your style. Plus, consistency is also a problem. What may work in one brand may not with another. Since we are all made different, finding the right size can be exhausting.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the biggest issues with buying off-the-shelf bras is sizing. So, you have your perfect measurements. Are there any bras that can fit the bill? For plus-sized breasts, it can be incredibly challenging. Sometimes bras just don’t exist in the size or shape you need. This can be a problem if you need support but have to find something that’s “close enough.”

Also, you don’t have to settle for merely plain and boring bras. It can be a little soul-crushing to find just the bra you want, only to find out that instead of a pretty print, your size only comes in nude. Plus, if you wear a popular size, you may find it difficult to snag one if they are frequently out of stock.

Perks to a Custom Fit

If you are looking to make things a little easier for you and your breasts, getting a custom-made bra may be the best thing. A custom bra will not only fit your body perfectly, but it is also tailor-made just for you. With your precise measurements and details, a custom bra can offer the best support and lift. Plus, it’s created with your input in mind.

Custom bras take your exact measurements, plus they keep your breast shape in mind. From there, you can select the color, print, and fabric. You design the bra of your dreams. No worries about wondering if it’ll only come in nude or if it will fit “well enough.” A custom bra can be exactly what you need for all-day comfort and the perfect boost.

Downsides to Custom Style

While there are so many positives to having a custom bra, there’s one big downside: the price tag. These bras cost about six times more than a bra you can get off the shelf. That price may put some serious hurt on your bank account, and you may think twice about putting the money down. While that sticker shock may be hard to shake, keep in mind, having a bra that fits can make a difference, especially if you don’t have one.

Another downside to custom bras can be the time it takes to get one. It can take a little while to make, but then again, it is being tailored to your body. Bra makers need to go through measuring, designing, crafting, tailoring, and revisions, all before it gets to you. If you are in desperate need of a bra yesterday, you may not be thrilled with that timeline.

Again, keep in mind, good quality takes time. So, while it may cost a pretty penny and take a little longer than just grabbing it off a shelf, a custom bra is made just for you. And quality like that can last much longer. If the price is the issue, a well-made custom bra will likely outlast something off the shelf.

One of a Kind Fit

If finding the perfect bra has always been more than a little stressful, you can relax knowing that your ideal fit awaits; it just needs to be made. If the price and the time don’t bother you, a custom bra can be just the thing your wardrobe and body need. Don’t settle for something that is “good enough.” Get the bra that fits; your girls will thank you for it.

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