Bras are a significant part of our everyday wardrobe. Unfortunately, they can take up a lot of space. Plus, with the awkward shape, padded cups, and underwires, it may be challenging to find a way to tuck them away without ruining them completely.

Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to store your bras and fold them, so they come out of your drawers as good as new. Of course, fold your bras properly and know how to put them away. You should take inventory of the type of bras you have. Here’s a quick, how-to guide for folding your bras.

Your How-To Guide for Folding Bras

Different Kind of Bras

Before you grab your bras and start folding them in half, you want to be careful how you fold certain bras. There are so many different bras, and not all of them fold equally. If you do fold specific bras, you could damage them. Since bras aren’t exactly cheap, the last thing you’ll want to do is ruin them after wearing them one time. Let’s look at the different types of bras and how you should store them to avoid damage.

What You Should Do First

So, you want to organize your bras and store them away safely. No problem: the first place to start is by picking a place for them. If you’re going with a drawer, make sure it’s wide and deep enough to fit them. Clean it out thoroughly and add dividers if you plan on storing more than one type.

You can organize any way you’d like, from color to style. If you don’t have drawer space, consider using small boxes. Store these boxes somewhere that’s easily accessible and dry. You can also hang them if you wish. However, if you are going to store them on shelves, in drawers, or boxes, this is how to fold certain bras.

Storing Molded Bras

Before tackling the way to fold bras, let’s talk about the bras you should absolutely, under no circumstances fold: molded bras. Molded bras are specifically made to keep their shape, so folding them in half can make them lose their shape. Also, folding them in any way can make the cups invert, which can also ruin them.

If you have a ton of molded bras, the best way to store them is by tucking them inside one another, one after the other. Do not stack them. This can cause the cups to warp. Gently lay out your molded cups and tuck the straps behind the cups. Then lay the next one at an angle on top of the first and tuck them inside one another. Just be careful not to layer them directly on top of each other, and they should keep just fine.

Storing Non-Molded Bras

Okay, so what about bras that don’t have any foam or cushion? You can fold these bras. If your bra is simply lacey, a sports bra, or a non-molded bra, you can store plenty of them side-by-side.

First, close the back strap to keep them together, and fold them in half. As you place them in the drawer, tuck the straps inside the cups to keep them neat. The last thing you want is a stray hook to catch the lace of another bra.

If you have bralettes, these should easily fold and stack. If you have underwire bras, be mindful of the cups as you fold them in half. If the wire is stiff, you may want to consider laying the bra flat.

Keeping Your Bras Organized

And that’s all there is to it! Make sure when you’re putting your bras away that you pay attention to the type. Bras can get costly, and you don’t want to throw money away because you folded the wrong bra.

As you get your bras organized, you can place them anyway you wish. Organize by style, color, and even add dividers if you want. Again, storage boxes can keep your bras safe, dry and provide easy access. If you don’t want to worry about folding them, you can try hanging your bras if you have space.

Before tucking all your bras away, you should take this opportunity to inventory your bras. Throw out any old, tired bras - even your favorite one with underwire poking out. If the bra band is sliding up or the straps are slipping, it may be time to get a bra fitting.

While you may have loved these bras, if they are damaged or not offering the proper support, they aren’t doing you any favors. Toss them and make room for the ones that work for you.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to folding your bras, keep it simple. Unpadded and non-molded bras can easily fold and stack. However, you should never fold a molded bra if you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Now that you know the tricks behind storing your bras, you can organize them to your heart’s content.

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