Have you ever tried a front close wireless bra? Maybe you’ve seen them in the store or online and wondered what the benefits are. 

Well, wonder no more. We’ll go over the top benefits of a front close bra and why every woman should own at least one.

The following are the top nine benefits of a front-close bra. 

9 Benefits of a Front-Close Wireless Bra

1. They’re easy to put on. 

This one may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most popular reasons that women choose a front close wireless bra. There’s no struggling to reach behind your back or hooking the wrong hooks together (admit it, we’ve all done it!). 

With a front close bra, you can easily see what you’re doing and remain comfortable while doing it. Let’s not forget eliminating the need to hook your bra in the front and then spin it around. Not only is this uncomfortable but it stretches your bra out more than necessary. This can cause it to wear faster than it normally would. 

2. They’re comfortable. 

Most women will agree that a wireless bra is more comfortable than a wired one. Have you ever had a wire pop out of the lining or break and poke through? 

With a wireless bra, there’s no worry that a stray wire will poke you in the chest or break accidentally. There’s also no closure in the back that could possibly irritate or scratch. 

3. They’re supportive. 

Worried about not having enough support with a bra that’s wireless? Don’t be! There’s no reason that a good wireless bra can’t be every bit as supportive as your favorite underwire bra. The key is to make sure that it fits you well and is made well. 

Look for a bra with a way to lift and support without wires, such as strategically placed fabric, elastic, or cotton liners that act as an underwire.

4. They’re ideal for women with mobility issues. 

If you have an injury or joint trouble putting on a bra can feel like an Olympic event. With a front close bra, there’s no need to twist your arms around to the back or to try and pull the bra over your head. 

Front-Close Bras are ideal for women with mobility issues

5. They can smooth things out. 

The wide back on a front-close bra can help to keep things looking seamless under form-fitting clothing. They also help to reduce bumps or rolls caused by thinner bra bands. This creates a smooth silhouette under anything!

6. They have style. 

Bras with a front closure come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose one with lace, a racerback, or a sports bra. 

Match your tops or wear whatever color makes you happy! Maybe you want something sexy for a night out or something simple for everyday wear. You’re sure to find an option that fits your individual style when it comes to choosing a front close wireless bra. 

7. Versatility. 

There are many different styles of front close wireless bras. You can get a racerback style for wearing under sleeveless shirts or tank tops, or you can pick a casual leisure bra for wearing around the house. From lace to full coverage, the options for front close wireless bras are endless!

8. They can be great for lounging around or sleeping. 

Without the closure in the back, there are no uncomfortable bulges to lay on. Look for a bra that’s made for sleeping or that has smooth fabric without clips or anything else that may poke or prod.

Our pick? The Off Duty Front Close T-Back Comfort Bra. It’s made from a light, stretchy fabric that adjusts to your shape, and has a comfortable front hook-and-eye closure.

9. They can help to keep straps in place. 

Styles like a racerback place the straps a bit closer to the neck keeping them in place. This is great for women with narrow or sloping shoulders who have trouble keeping their straps up.

Top Front-Close Bras

Our picks for front close wireless bras:

The Front Close Wire-Free Support Bra, which features beautiful lace detailing and a front hook-and-eye closure, this bra will shape and support you without relying on an underwire. Wide, cushioned straps stay comfortable all day. 

The 360 Support Front-Close Posture-Back Bra is wonderful for women that need a little extra back support. It has crisscrossed Lycra panels in the back that won’t crease, and an adjustable front hook-and-eye closure. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you’ve hesitated on buying a front close wireless bra in the past, rest assured, you’re not the only one. 

Hopefully learning about the many benefits of this type of bra inspires you to try one out. Whether for mobility issues, comfort, or just to try something new, you may just find that a front-close wireless bra becomes your new favorite. 

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