A lingerie drawer can get unruly. You literally need a bra for every occasion, from going out to lounging around at home. Plus, with so many different fashion choices, you need a bra that will work with your wardrobe, too.

It doesn’t help if you just love to pick up a new bra every time you walk into a store or hop online. Those bras pile up quickly, and it can be challenging to find a place for them. Before you just stuff them into an empty drawer or fold them up in a pile, there are some things you should know about storing bras.

How to Store Bras [Should I Fold My Cups?]

Why Storing Your Bras Matters

When it comes to lingerie, we might not think it needs more TLC than a gentle wash cycle and an air dry. Many of us tend to just thrust it in a drawer or a container in the closet. However, you can extend your bra’s life if you take the time to store it right.

Storing bras incorrectly can significantly shorten their lifespan. The cups can get squished and become misshapen. The lace can get caught and torn. The hooks can catch other bras, and bands can become twisted, losing their elasticity.

Without proper care and storage, your bras will get damaged. So, how exactly should you be storing bras? Here are several tips you can use to store your bras and a few things you should avoid.

1. Do Hang Them Up

An easy way to store bras is just to hang them up. If you have space in your closet or some free hooks, you can dangle your bras where they won’t fall. This will ensure that they won’t take up space in a drawer, and it can air out. The best part about hanging bras is that they won’t get crumpled. Plus, you can space them far enough apart where they won’t snag each other.

2. Don’t Just Stack Them in a Drawer

If you plan to use a drawer, it’s not a good idea to stack your bras. If you own bras with molded cups, stacking them could cause the cups to invert, and they will never fit the same. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a drawer; you just have to get creative with it.

You can place your bras vertically as you would see in a lingerie boutique. You can line them up or even use slotted shelves. Again, you shouldn’t stack your bras, but you can tuck them inside one another.

If you want to get organized, you can color coordinate them or section off the different bra types.

3. Do Use a Stand-Alone Container

If you don’t want to take up an entire drawer or two, you can use a storage container or box. Shoe boxes can work quite well, especially for larger cup bras. You can organize by bra type, section them off accordingly, and then store them away. If you don’t have a lot of space, use stacking containers, and stick them in a closet. Either way, these containers will provide enough space and keep them safe and clean.

4. Don’t Fold Molded Bras

Regardless of where you put them, you shouldn’t fold your molded bras in half. These bras are designed to take to your breasts’ shape, and folding them can ruin the cups. Also, don’t invert the cups; this will cause the cups to become misshapen. They will become practically unwearable.

If you own a few non-molded bras, like sports bras, you can fold them and tuck the straps to save a little space. However, be careful when you do it.

5. Do Use Dividers

If you have bras of every kind or plenty of molded bras, dividers can help keep everything separated and organized. You can sort by color, making it easy to find your go-to bras, and you can match similar bras in the same section. This can also help keep your bras from hooking each other. Plus, it makes it easier to keep your molded bras in top shape.

Before You Put your Bras Away

Before You Put your Bras Away

Okay, you are ready to organize and store your bras, but hold on! There are a few more things you should keep in mind before you put them all away. Before you start to store your bras, go through them, and make sure they all fit properly. The cup should be secure, the band supportive, and the straps should sit comfortably on your shoulder.

Get rid of any bras that are falling apart or are damaged. If the straps are frayed, it may be time to toss it. Also, you should test the bands; they shouldn’t ride up. If it does, your bra may have lost its elasticity. Check the cups and make sure they aren’t caved in. And finally, if you have underwire bras, the wire should not be poking out. Once you go through the old bras, you can make room for some new ones!

Concluding Thoughts

Our bras support us all day, every day. The least we could do is take care of them in return. Give them a proper place to hang or relax when not in use, and you can get the most out of your bra. With these tips, you can clear up space, get rid of old bras, and get the most out of the ones you own.

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