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Must-Have Accessories for Date Night

Posted: Aug 29, 2018, 7:46:00 PM
Must-Have Accessories for Date Night

Date night is perhaps the most enjoyable evening of the week. This is the night to put on something sexy, exude body confidence, and walk into the room knowing all eyes are going to be on you. Here are our favorite helpful hints on how to work in new plus size trends and accessories for date night.

Dress Body Confident

Start with a great foundation by treating yourself to high-end plus size luxury lingerie. A touch of lace, the right amount of support and a color that will make you and your date smile.

A Pop of Color

Everybody’s favorite little black dress is a great blank canvas that can be dressed up or down depending on where you are headed. Scarves, belts and bright or patterned panty hose are the perfect accessories for date night and can transform your whole outfit. If you have a skinny waist, accentuate it with a red belt. If you have killer calf muscles show them off with sexy tights that have a leg defining line up the back.

The Right Amount of Sparkle

Every ensemble should have a bit of sparkle. Jewelry helps to create the mood of the evening. If you’re headed out for a night of fun and games, choose simple staples like a pendant necklace, or something with a pop of color. If you are headed to a wine bar with live jazz, smaller baubles with a touch of pearls are perfect.

Hair and Make-Up

Bright lips are on trend right now. Go bold and opt for green, blue or deep magenta. If you want a look that’s not as bold, switch it up and accentuate your eyes. A great cat eye or strong brow will have your date gazing deep into your eyes all evening.

Use Scent as a Date Night Accessory

A great fragrance will help you stick on someone's mind. Keep a solid perfume or a rollerball in your purse so that you can duck into the powder room and touch up your fragrance between dinner and dessert. Remember, when applying perfume to your wrists, simply press them together instead of rubbing them together as that can destroy the top notes and diminish the fragrance.

All the Little Extras

For date night, plus size women know that some dresses need a little help. Double sided tape keeps hemlines and necklines in place. A small lint roller will keep your black dress looking flawless. A Tide pen can be your saving grace if things get a little messy. Floss and a quick toothbrush swipe are perfect for when you want to order the garlic-heavy dish but don't want to smell like it.

A Great Date Night On date night, plus size women should show off their curves and be body confident. The right high-end luxury lingerie will ensure you are not showing off too much, while still being sexy underneath it all, in case you are showing it off later.


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