Women with a wider rib cage and smaller breasts, can have difficulty finding the perfect bra. Large band small cup bras are not that commonly promoted. When you do find one, there is often too much padding or unnecessary underwires. Here are our tips for finding the perfect bra for women with small breasts and a wide back.

The Cup and the Band

The standard cup-to-band ratio does not necessarily work for every woman. As a result, some women are forced to look for the right cup and then add back extensions to increase the width of their bra. This is problematic for several reasons, the most important being comfort. . For example, what if you’re a 54-C? You might encounter the problem of a band that fits with cups that are too large.

Size Matters

It is a common misconception that all plus size women have fuller chests. Bodies should not be grouped into buckets i.e. plus size, average, petite. There is no “one size fits all”, especially in terms of lingerie. Forget about the labels and simply look for a bra based on the calculation of the cup and the band you need. To measure for the right bra, look for a bra size calculator.

Celebrate All Your Curves

With these tips in mind have fun looking for the right bra. For a night out when you want to feel sexy, consider a bra with a low-cut center for great fit and shaping with a flirty edge. For a day in the office, be confident with a seamless bra in nude for a flattering figure. Also read through our guide to finding the best wireless bras.

Celebrate your curves...No matter what cup size you are, stand tall, enjoy the great body you were blessed with and go forward with confidence. To find the perfect bra for you, contact our team at Glamorise today!

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