Plus size lingerie is supposed to be designed to make you feel sexy and confident no matter what the day ahead of you may bring. Chances are you carefully pick out a matching bra and panty set to compliment your outfit of choice. However, it always happens that on the most important day, such as an office presentation or a first date, you have a full figure lingerie fail. No more we say! Here are some of the common plus size lingerie fails our fabulous girlfriends run into and how to avoid them.

Common Plus Size Bra Fails

Back rolls will spoil the look of a great little black dress. Back rolls are created when the band of your bra is not the right size and rides up on your back creating pouches of skin on either side by the lower part of your shoulder blades. Invest in a new high quality, well made bra where the band sits comfortably around your ribs, parallel with the floor, clasped on the loosest set of hooks.

As body confident full figured women, it is okay to show off your shape. However, that shape should not be "quad-boob" or "uni-boob." Do not be afraid to go up a cup size or try on a full coverage bra so that there is no spillage.

Common Full Figure Panty Fails

Bras are not the only part of a plus size lingerie collection that can let you down if it is not the right fit. VPL, or visible panty line, ruins the look of a great pair of panties. The seams on underwear should be smooth against your skin. If the seams of your panties are cutting into the skin you will have a pouch of buttock trying to escape, which shows up under pants. Great panties should cup your bottom, providing comfort, support and great fit.

A panty set where the bra is too small and the panties are too big creates spillage on the top and wrinkles on the bottom that certainly equal a fail. Shop for your full figure lingerie pieces separately. You may have a 50D bra and a 46 inch waist, and that is perfectly okay. All of these numbers should not be scrutinized over or cause an emotional response. You are just measuring the anatomical fit of a garment, when it looks flawless, who cares what size it is?

Plus Size Lingerie That Flatters

Part of the issue with full figure lingerie is that every collection is going to be different. It is important to shop with a brand, such as Glamorise, that designs for the different body types in the full figure range. A petite 44D woman will have different fit requirements than a tall 44D woman. You want to find high quality designs, not just collections that have been sized up from the fit model. With a wide range of styles and sizes, Glamorise carries bras fit for every woman. Browse Glamorise's complete collection here.

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