Unlike in times past, there are more bra options today for curvy women than ever before. With so many choices to make, bra shopping can be frustrating, if not downright annoying. Generally speaking, the standard bra design has a closure in the back, but have you ever tried a front-closing style? We LOVE front hook bras for countless reasons, and many women swear by their versatile design.

Let’s go through some of the top reasons for you to try a front closure bra — we think you’re going to love them!

They’re Easy On, Easy Off

With a front-closing bra, there’s no need to reach behind you to fasten your bra or hook it in the front and spin it around. Many women with mobility issues choose a front-close bra to alleviate shoulder strain and upper back pain in their everyday lives. But let’s face it, reaching behind you to hook your bra can be an annoying part of getting dressed for anyone! Dress shirts button up in the front, so why shouldn’t your bra do the same?

They’re SO Versatile

Spoiler alert, front-closing bras are super versatile! By definition a front-close bra fastens in the front, but unlike back-close bras, they don’t all have the same type of closures. Most commonly, slide and snap closures and hook-and-eyes are used in this style. A snap closure slides and locks into place, while a hook-and-eye closure has multiple hooks to secure your fit. A snap closure is more commonly used in an underwire bra style and will provide a lower neckline, while hook-and-eyes are usually for wireless front closures and add more full coverage cleavage support. It simply comes down to personal preference on which kind of closure and support you prefer to wear, as both will keep you securely held up (and in) all day long.

From Sleep to Sport to Lingerie

Like back-close bras, front-close bras come in a range of styles. Having plentiful options is key to finding your perfect bra, after all! There are front-closing bras designed for comfy everyday wear, sleeping, added posture support, sports bras, and even fancier lingerie styles for when you’re looking for a little confidence boost. Front hook bras can be dressed up or down, but will never skimp on the comfort and support your girls need!

Regardless of what type of bra you’re looking for, a front-close style will check off all of your boxes and elevate your lingerie collection. With so many benefits, why not try out a front-close bra and see for yourself? We think your girls will thank you!

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Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 8/4/21

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