Sports bras are designed to provide comfortable coverage and support during exercise. Yet many women prefer the comfort sports bras provide over everyday bras and choose to wear a sports bra as an everyday style. There is nothing wrong with doing so, as sports bras provide comfortable, modest coverage both in and out of the gym.

Keep reading below about the versatility of sports bras and whether or not we recommend wearing a sports bra in public.

So can you wear a sports bra in public?

Yes, you can absolutely wear a sports bra in public. A sport bra is just a bra that is designed to support women's bodies through higher impact activities like exercise. It is perfectly acceptable to choose to wear your favorite sports bra outside of the gym.

Many women choose to wear sports bras outside of the gym because they provide support and modest coverage throughout the day. A sports bra is a great option to wear under clothing while running errands. Some women might also prefer a sports bra as an everyday bra because they feature moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry, especially on a hot sweaty day.

You can even wear just a sports bra as a crop top or under a tank top. However you feel comfortable wearing a sports bra is perfectly fine, as long as you are comfortable and your sports bra is a good fit for your body.

How is a sports bra different from a regular bra?

A sports bra is different from a regular bra in that it is designed to wearing during a workout and exercise. Generally speaking, sports bras offer more coverage and support than everyday bras, and are made of moisture-wicking fabrics that feel smooth against the skin and keep you cool.

How do sports bras vary by manufacturer?

Like regular bras, sports bras tend to vary by manufacturer and brand. A sports bra that provides separation will keep your breasts comfortably separated and help prevent uncomfortable uni-boob. An encapsulation sports bra will comfortable support the bust and keep breasts in place on your chest. A good sports bra will provide both separation and encapsulation (or compression) of the bust.

How Glamorise Sports Bras are Better

Glamorise sports bras are designed for women with larger breasts and provide support for workout and exercise. As previously mentioned, a good sports bra both separates and encapsulates the bust. Glamorise sports bras are designed to do just that, and comfortably support sizes up to 50J.

The Custom Control Sports Bra by Glamorise is one of the best sports bras for curvy women. This sports bra features our patented adjustable support front panel design. The adjustable panel is layered over seamless cups and allows you to adjust the level of compression you need for your workout. This is the perfect way to ensure your sports bra provides the support your body needs, whether you're working out running errands.

Plus, the wide shoulder straps adjust in the back and a hook-and-eye closure makes for a custom-feeling fit. In sizes up to I cup, this sports bra is a versatile favorite for in and out of the gym.

3 Things to Consider When Wearing a Sports Bra in Public

1. Comfort & Coverage

If you plan to wear a sports bra in public, consider where you will be throughout the day and what you plan on doing. Does your sports bra provide ample coverage for you to feel comfortable enough wearing it out and about? If so, then you should feel comfortable heading out into the world with just your sports bra and leggings on.

2. Style

Like regular bras, there are many different sport styles to choose from. Consider where you're going and what you plan to do throughout the day, and choose a sports bra style accordingly. If you wear a style you like and that suits your body, you will feel more comfortable in your sports bra.

3. Confidence

Wearing just a sports bra can seem daunting to some women, but there is nothing wrong with doing so. Embracing your body and having self confidence isn't always easy, but taking small steps to do so can help build your confidence and self esteem.

That might not mean heading out of the house wearing only a sports bra with denim shorts, but if you want to wear just a sports bra as a top, try pairing it with leggings and an open shirt or a cute zip-up sweatshirt to cover up a bit. Building confidence can take time, but if you want to rock your sports bra in public, then by all means do so.

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