If you have a larger chest, working out in a sports bra that doesn’t provide ample support can be a struggle, if not downright painful. If your current sports bras aren’t up to the task of your high-impact workouts and leave you dealing with painful boob bounce, you probably need to try a different style. Underwire sports bras are a great option for those who need the utmost support during high-impact activities. These two underwire sports bras are game changers, so you can ditch your old flimsy styles for good — and give 110% during your next workout.

High Impact Seamless Sports Bra

The High Impact Seamless Sports Bra is an underwire take on our best-selling seamless bras. This sports bra features non-stretch cups with two layers of fabric for optimal bounce control, as well as our signature cushioned WonderWire® design that prevents the underwire from ever touching your body. This bra provides the underwire support you need with none of the painful poke. Seamless cups, moisture-wicking fabrics, and five versatile colors to choose from make this style a must-have for days when you need the most support you can get — both in and out of the gym.

Here’s what our customers had to say:

“It is supportive and so comfortable. I work out in it and wear it for long work days. It is also breathable.” - Julie S.

“Great sports bra. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t bind or pinch. Very little bounce when exercising.” - Sevilla J

“This is the most supportive sports bra I have ever bought. Stays in place without being uncomfortably tight.” - Michelle W.

Custom Control WonderWire Sports Bra

From yoga to running to kickboxing, all of your favorite workouts have met their match in the Custom Control WonderWire Sports Bra. This sports bra features our patented adjustable support front panel with 4 levels of customizable support. Go from low to high support with a simple strap adjustment — so you’ll never need to double up your sports bras again. Plus, the cushioned WonderWire® design adds extra padding to ensure you’re comfortably supported without any pesky wire poke, and high-performing sweat-wicking fabrics keep you comfortably cool and dry.

Here’s why women are loving this bra:

“This bra is a game changer. It is so comfortable and so supportive I can’t tell you how much I love this bra. It’s very adjustable and so very comfortable!” - Barbara H.

“I can't tell you how comfortable this bra is. I've never had any kind of underwire that wasn't at least a little uncomfortable. I love that you can adjust the support with the front flap, too.” - Christina P.

“The bra has an awesome fit. It offers great support and nice shape without feeling too tight around the chest. It reduces bouncing considerably and takes away a good amount of the heaviness of large breasts.” - Gratiela T.

Our underwire sports bras are changing the game. Fit for sizes through 46H and designed to provide the utmost support and bounce control, our underwire sports bras let you give your all during any workout, so you can kiss painful boob bounce goodbye.

Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 10/15/2021

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