If you have bulges on the sides of your bra that bothers you, you can try out a side smoothing bra to help lessen its appearance. We'll go through everything you need to know about side smoothing bras here. If you're interested in creating a smooth silhouette, get the confidence and comfort you're looking for by wearing a side smoothing bra.

What is a Side Smoothing Bra?

Side smoothing bras are bras that have full coverage side panels that help create a sleek silhouette.
Side smoothing bras usually have full coverage cups and a wide band that comes up higher underneath the arms. These bra styles can help to smooth out side bulges and lumps underneath the arms and around the back.

Though having visible fatty tissue on the sides of your breasts and under your armpits is normal, even while wearing a bra, a side smoothing bra can help smooth it out to create a sleek appearance. Some women prefer a side smoothing bra to create a smooth look under clothes.

What Are 5 Things To Consider About Side Smoother Bras

Like when shopping for any bra style or a new pair of jeans, it's important that you browse a wide assortment of side smoothing bras to find what works best for you. These are 5 things to consider when shopping for a side smoothing bra.

Cup Type

Whether you like the support of an underwire or the all-day comfort of a wire-free bra is your personal preference. Different bras work better for different body types, and whichever style you prefer to wear is up to you. There are side smoothing bras both with underwires and wireless styles. We recommend trying on both bra types to see what is comfortable for you.

Back Style

Side smoothing bras generally have a wide band and side smoothers under the arms, but they may have different back styles as well. There are side smoothing bras with classic leotard straight-back straps, and those that have a wide racerback design. A full coverage racerback bra can help smooth out back bulges too, if that interests you.


A smoothing bra style with soft, breathable fabrics is an excellent choice. Smooth fabrics will help to accentuate a smooth silhouette underneath your outfit, which is generally the goal of side smoothing bras.


Price and quality are major factors in any purchase, and side smoothing bras are no different. A bra is something that you likely wear every day, so investing in a high quality bra is important. You want your bra to provide the utmost comfort and support, and a high quality bra will do that.


Like wearing any bras, it is imperative to have a proper bra fit when wearing side smoothing bras. If it's been a while since your last bra fitting, we recommend remeasuring your bust and band measurements. Wearing the wrong bra size can do more harm than good, as it will not provide the comfort and support you need. We recommend choosing a side smoothing bra that is available in a wide size range so it is tailored to your body type for the perfect fit.


Do Side Smoother Bras Also Work for Backs?

Yes, side smoothing bras can also help to smooth out back bulges. Many side smoother bras offer a wide back band as well as side smoothing panels. This can help smooth out the appearance of bulges and create a smooth silhouette. Read our collection guide to the best bras for smoothing back fat here.

Are Side Smoothing Bras and Side Support Bras the Same?

Side smoothing bras can be side support bras, but not all side smoothing bras offer side support. Side support bras are generally categorized by having sectioned cups that help bring the breast tissue forward to create a more rounded appearance. A side smoothing bra can have side support panels, but not all side support bras offer smoothing. Browse our guide to back smoothing bras here.

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