For fuller bust women or anyone who prefers a bra that smooths out under the arms, a side support bra is a great option. A side support bra features sectioned cups, high bands underneath the arms, and modest coverage. Side support bras provide great support, coverage, and create a fuller and rounder shape. Keep reading below to learn what you should know about side support bras and our product recommendations.

What are Side Support Bras?

Side support bras are generally defined as having sectioned cups that help project the bust forward. A side support bra also features a supportive band that extends through the cups and high underneath the arms to smooth out side spillage. This bra style also often has added side boning and broad side wings that help create a sleek silhouette.

A side support bra is great for those who are full busted, have wide set breasts, or deal with cup spillage on the sides. Side support bras increase forward projection and smooth out any spillage of breast tissue under the arms. A side support bra style


What Are the 5 Best Bras for Side Support?


  1. Front-Closure T-Back WonderWire Bra
  2. MagicLift Front-Closure Natural Shape Bra
  3. MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra
  4. Front-Closure Posture Back WonderWire Bra
  5. MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra


Front-Closure T-Back WonderWire Bra

Price: $57

Review: 4.6/5 Stars

This underwire bra has seamed cups that help increase forward projection. With a front closure, versatile T-back and wide underarm band, this bra provides a secure fit and helps prevent unwanted spillage.

MagicLift Front-Closure Natural Shape Bra

Price: $53

Review: 4.1/5 Stars

This soft cup bra features seamed cups and a wide band that comes up high underneath your arms. With an easy front-closure and cushioned shoulder straps, this bra offers comfortable wireless support for everyday wear.


MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra

Price: $54

Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Featuring Glamorise's signature MagicLift technology, this wireless bra has inner-bust bands in each cup that help project the bust forward. With a wide supportive band that smooths out side spillage, this wire free bra is a great choice if you have a larger bust and want a seamless, streamlined appearance.


Front-Closure Posture Back WonderWire Bra

Price: $59

Review: 4.4/5 Stars

This front-closure bra provides an extra posture boost when you need it. Featuring seamless underwire cups and side and back support panels, this bra smooths things out while giving your posture an added boost.


MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra

Price: $55

Review: 4.4/5 Stars

This front-closure bra has a wide, smoothing back design with added back support panels. With ample back coverage and a high-cut side band, this full cup bra improves your posture and creates shape while comfortably smoothing out side and back rolls.


What are the main benefits of a bra with side support?

1. Increased Breast Lift and Side Support

Bras with sectioned cups and side support panels lift breast tissue and create a streamlined appearance on the sides.

2. Extra Side Coverage

If other bra styles leave you with breast tissue hanging out on the sides, a side support bra will provide the added side coverage you need and help the bust to project forward.

3. Bounce Control

Because side support bras feature sectioned cups and offer medium coverage, they often offer greater bounce control than other bra styles, like the classic plunge bra for example.

4. Evens Out Asymmetrical Breasts

If your breasts are two different sizes, a side support bra can help them to appear as symmetrical even if they aren't. Side support panels increase the forward projection of breast tissue which creates a more symmetrical appearance from the front.

5. Can Reduce Bust Size Appearance

In addition to creating a more streamlined and symmetrical appearance, side support bras can make breasts appear smaller as well. If side spillage is a frequent issue for you, side support styles are the best bras for you. If you have wide set or east-west breasts, a side support style will increase your bust projection forward creating a reduced bust appearance.

Can you wear a bra that has side support everyday?

Yes, you can wear a side support bra everyday. Many bras are side support bras by design due to having the main features of this style. Some women prefer the added coverage and support and a side support bra offers. There are side support T shirt bras, wireless bras, underwire bras, and even sports bras.


How Can You Prevent Your Bra From Chafing on the Side?

Wearing a bra that is made of soft, breathable fabrics can help prevent chafing on the sides. A bra made of moisture-wicking fabrics or even cotton can also help alleviate the discomfort of chafing. If your bra is made of soft fabrics but still causes occasional chafing, you can also apply anti-chafing creams and lotions that can help alleviate symptoms.

How Do I Get Rid of Side Bra Bulge?

Wearing full coverage bras with wider bands and side support panels can help alleviate the appearance of side bra bulge. We recommend the Front-Closure Posture Back WonderWire Bra or the MagicLift Front-Closure Posture Back Bra. Both styles also full coverage and comfortable support.


Concluding Thoughts

If you often deal with side spillage on the outer edge of your bra cups or simply want a bra that makes your bust appear more streamlined and lifted, a side support bra is the style for you. A bra with greater side coverage and sectioned cups will not only feel more comfortable but can make your bust appear more symmetrical and lifted, too.

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