A push-up bra is an undergarment designed to lift the breasts, with the added benefit of improving the shape of the breast. In most cases, these bras are made with either added underwire or extra padding (and in some cases both).

The additional underwire helps lift the breast tissue, while the added padding is intended to help fill in any extra space or gaps. Unfortunately, most push-up bras are seen as a way of sexualizing an outfit; therefore, many women believe they should only be used for the added cleavage instead of adding shape and definition to the wearer's silhouette.

Women's Plus-Sized Push Up Bras: Yes, You Want One!

A push-up bra is often considered a non-essential part of a plus-sized women's wardrobe because most women find that they don't need their ladies lifted up to put on display any further.

Unfortunately, that's because push-up bras have received quite a negative reputation as an overly sexualized piece of clothing.

What most women don't understand is that a women's plus-sized push-up bra isn't designed to make your breasts more pronounced – they are designed to provide you with a bit of extra lift and support where you may need it the most.

What are the Benefits of a Plus Size Push-Up Bra?

Many plus-sized women do not want to accentuate their breasts anymore, and as a result, tend to avoid purchasing plus-sized bras. Again, there are many benefits to a push-up bra that make them a must-have piece of clothing, including:

1. Define Your Shape

No two women are the same, and that goes for their breasts as well. Some women may have larger breasts, though they hang flatter.

On the other hand, some women have the shape but no lift. A push-up bra can be beneficial in both situations because it can help give a little extra volume to a breast that may be lacking while providing extra lift to a breast that may need additional height.

2. Can Seem Invisible

When fitted properly and paired with the right outfit, a quality push-up bra can seem practically invisible to both the wearer and anyone who happens to look.

The right bra can help you not only provide the needed shape to your bust but can also help smooth out the surrounding area, helping to give you a smooth, flattering figure both around your bust and even your waistline as well.

3. Provide a Confidence Boost

When you look good, you feel good. The right push-up bra doesn't have to draw the eyes to your cleavage. With the proper fit, these bras will simply melt into your natural figure, helping you shine like the star you are, and when you feel confident about your appearance, it shows to everyone around you.

Can Plus-Sized Women Wear Push-Up Bras?

Yes! There is no question about it!

The problem with most women's plus-sized push-up bras isn't that they are created incorrectly. It's that most plus-sized women are not properly fitted for a push-up bra.

There is absolutely no difference between a standard push-up bra and a plus-sized push-up bra – well, aside from the size, of course. That's why all plus-sized women must realize that just because you have a larger breast size doesn't mean you should avoid wearing a good push-up bra.

Remember, these bras are intended to lift and support – not necessarily accentuate!

How to Properly Fit a Plus-Sized Push-Up Bra

One common misconception about women's plus-sized push-up bras is that they should provide a pushed-up, almost suffocating lift. That isn't the case. An adequately fitted push-up bra should work just like a typical lightly lined bra.

There should be no bulging of the tissue, no spillage over the cup, and your bands should never dig into your skin.

The good news here is that finding larger sizes in push-up bras isn't challenging. Simply follow these steps:

  • Begin with determining your band size by measuring right underneath your bust.
  • Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust, which is typically at your nipple.
  • Finally, subtract the first figure from the second, and you'll find your ideal cup size.

Once you have the correct measurements, you'll be able to use them to determine what size push-up bra you'll need. However, you'll also want to keep in mind that not all push-up bras are created equally. So, make sure to consider how the bra is constructed and where the lift is being provided.

Women's Plus-Sized Push Up Bras: Yes, You Want One!

Women's Plus-Sized Push-Up Bras Do Exist and Can Look Beautiful

When most women think of a push-up bra, they automatically think of breast spillage and bras that simply push the ladies up way too far – making them uncomfortable to wear. That's why most plus-sized women tend to shy away from push-up bras.

The good news? When you are appropriately fitted and buying for your bust size, a women's plus-sized push-up bra can look and feel amazing.

Not sure where to turn for the right women's plus-sized push-up bras? Check out the Glamorise catalog today!

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