Padded bras have a reputation. The design is synonymous with growing busts, and often, that is the bra’s main intention. However, that’s not their only purpose — they are so much more.

The benefits of owning a padded bra are greater than adding a few inches to your girls. If you don’t want to increase the volume and want the extra benefit the padding provides, there are options for you.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the padded bra and see what wonders it can do for you and your girls.

 Will A Padded Bra Make My Bust Bigger Than I Already Am?

Adding More Padding or Extra Benefits

When it comes down to it, padded bras might add a little, but depending on the type you buy, you can be adding quality rather than quantity.

You don’t have to pick one type of padded bra — gel, synthetic, or foam. There are plenty of options out there, and even if you have a bigger bust, you can still get the benefits without adding extra.

Of course, before you run out and fill your lingerie drawer with padded bras, you should take a few precautions. As with any new style or change in your life, you have to make sure it fits you, and you can accomplish that with a proper bra fitting.

Proper fit is essential to finding the right bra for you; if you can get that perfect fit and match it with your distinct style, there’ll be no stopping you.

After a proper fitting, be sure to test out any bra that interests you. Try out different bras and see how they look and feel. Check the material and what the design adds to your bust. If it’s too much, go with something else.

Fit, above all else, is crucial, especially when it comes to padded bras. An ill-fitting bra can not only cause issues down the road but wearing the wrong size can damage your breast tissue and leave marks. With the perfect fit and a few different styles that suit your fancy, here are five of the reasons you need a padded bra in your wardrobe.

1. Hide the Nips

Afraid of showing off your nips? Whether a cool breeze has hit you or you’re just experiencing a little friction, they may just pop out to say hello. Erect nipples are a natural occurrence, but it may not be an issue you want to deal with. Padded bras can help solve this problem.

A little extra padding can ensure your nipples don’t pop up to say hello through your bra and shirt. Additionally, the extra padding may be especially comfortable for anyone with extremely sensitive nipples. A little cushion is excellent for relieving any chafing issues.

2. Smooth Out the Cups

Have that perfect silk blouse or lightweight top, but it always shows off your bra outline? A padded bra can help with that. Whether you are worried about your breasts peeking out of a demi cup or seeing uneven bra lines, having a padded bra can provide you with a smooth look. Regardless of what shirts you wear, a padded bra will give you an even look and all-day comfort.

3. Reshape your Girls

In addition to a streamlined look, adding some padding can give shape to your breasts. Typically, most women have one breast that’s larger than the other. Sometimes the size difference is barely noticeable, while others may experience a greater difference.

Plus, all breasts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to even out your ta-tas, padded bras can help even them out and can even make them the same shape.

4. A Little Tenderness

If you have sensitive ta-tas, have no fear; the padded bra is here to help. These bras are perfect for adding a little extra protection to your breasts, especially if they are tender or sensitive.

They are especially great for expecting or nursing mothers. For those who need a little extra guard against the outside world, a little padding can go a long way in protecting your breasts.

5. A Little Extra Boost

Of course, padded bras can add a little volume, but they add so much more. These babies can offer your girls more support and give you that extra boost you need. The padding doesn’t have to be overwhelming to help prop your breasts up.

Additionally, padded bras couple with sturdy straps, and with the extra cushion, everything tends to stay in place. If you are worried about support and comfort, you could go worry-free with a padded bra.

Finding the Best Fit for You

Don’t be afraid of a little extra padding; it can be beneficial. All it takes is finding a good bra and getting a proper fitting. If adding additional volume to your chest is stopping you from getting a great fitting bra, keep this in mind: padded minimizers are a thing!

If you are looking to reduce, you can benefit from a padded bra and take some away. Again, it’s all about size and fit. So, try a few on for size and get the benefits of a padded bra.

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