When you go bra shopping, you likely aren’t excited about the idea of purchasing a nude color bra. Unfortunately, nude color bras don’t get the recognition they deserve. 

Listen up, ladies! If you don’t own one already, it’s time to add a nude color bra to your wardrobe, and here’s why. 

Why Every Woman Should Own a Nude Color Bra

Why is it Essential to Own a Nude Color Bra?

Sure–a nude color bra doesn’t exactly scream fun or sexy. It does, however, scream necessity. 

Every woman should own a nude color bra simply because the right nude bra will go with every outfit you wear. The key to success is ensuring that the bra matches your natural skin tone shade. 

Women everywhere ask the same questions:

  • What color bra should go under white?
  • How do I find the right nude bra?

It’s true–the right nude bra is an excellent choice for under-white or bright-colored tops. They are also ideal for those who want to wear something more form-fitting or tops with a fun, unique pattern. 

If you don’t want to feel restricted in your fashion choices, you absolutely need a nude color bra in your collection. You just have to make sure it’s the right nude tone for your skin tone. 

Defining the Color Nude in a World of Multi-Colored Skin Tones

Now, when you hear the phrase nude color bra, your mind likely goes to the many shades of beige that line store shelves. While most consider a nude bra a staple for every woman’s closet, not everybody’s skin color will match the classically defined nude shade. 

For example, women of color do not define nude as the classic beige bra that women of lighter skin tones gravitate towards. Even lighter skin-toned women have trouble matching their skin tones to that of a nude color bra. 

So how can you find the perfect nude color bra that suits your skin tone? Believe it or not, it’s a lot like choosing the right shade of foundation! Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect nude shade to match any skin tone shades:

Define your Skin Color, But Also Your Skin’s Undertones

Whether you have beautiful brown skin, pale white skin with stunning freckles, or your skin has some beautiful yellow undertones to it–it’s vital to remember that just because a store classifies a nude color bra as “nude” or “neutral,” it doesn’t mean that is your only option for a nude bra. 

Finding the perfect shade of nude will depend entirely on your skin’s primary coloring and your skin’s undertones. In shade/tone determination, most women can classify their skin’s tone/undertone under one of the following three categories:

  • Cool: These skin tones/undertones typically have cooler colors, such as pink and blue. 
  • Warm: These skin tones/undertones typically include golden, yellow, and even peachy colors. 
  • Neutral: Neutral tones include a mix of warm and cool shades. When determining your undertones, this means your undertone and skin tone are similar, if not identical. 

Are your skin’s tone and undertone the same? Absolutely not. Many women believe their undertones will be warm just because they have a warm skin tone. That simply isn’t the case. Here’s a quick and easy way to determine your skin’s undertones:

  • Turn your wrists face up and inspect the veins viewable just under your skin.
  • If your veins appear blue/purple, then you have cool undertones.
  • If your veins appear more greenish-blue, then you have warm undertones.
  • If they are exceedingly difficult to see or appear almost colorless, then your undertones are more neutral.

When in Doubt, Go a Shade Lighter

If you’re still struggling with finding the perfect nude shade to match your skin tone, then buy a slightly lighter shade. By doing so, your bra is less likely to stand out while wearing light color tops. 

Nude Doesn’t Always Mean Brown, White, or Beige. 

Finally, it’s vital to understand that nude doesn’t always mean the same thing you think it does. Again, depending on your skin’s undertones, and of course, the outfit you’re considering a “nude” bra may actually be pink and peach or even shades of red and/or blue. Remember, the idea of a nude color bra is a bra that blends in with your skin and outfit, which means avoiding beige or espresso color bras. 

Nude Doesn’t Always Mean Brown, White, or Beige.

Expand Your Fashion Choices with a Nude Color Bra

As a plus-sized woman, it can be pretty challenging to find a bra that makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are. Leading you to believe that you need to limit your fashion choices to the blah and boring. 

Ladies! Never feel you need to limit your taste in clothing! With the right nude color bra in your inventory, you can experiment with the colors, patterns, and shapes you’ve always wanted. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect plus-sized nude color bra, then check out our page today!

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