We’ve all been there before. The weather is hot, you’ve just had a vigorous workout, or it’s just a little too hot in your office, and you know what’s about to happen. Getting a terrible rash underneath your breasts is no joke.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be painful and possibly dangerous. Under the right circumstances, a simple rash can end up meaning a trip to the emergency room.

Breast rash doesn’t have to be life-threatening to be a problem. Sometimes it’s just that annoying side effect of walking too much on a hot day. So, what causes this rash, and how can it be prevented?

Are There Bras to Prevent the Rash Under My Breast?

Rubbing You the Wrong Way

An under-breast rash can be several things. While it may only be a heat rash, it can also be a condition called intertrigo. Intertrigo is a skin condition that occurs when two skin surfaces rub against each other; basically, it’s chafing.

While these are the usual subjects that cause rashes beneath the girls, there is always a chance for more severe implications. It’s still best to check with your doctor if you are experiencing any severe issues of soreness, bleeding, or you find a lump.

Heat rash and intertrigo can lead to a red or reddish-brown rash underneath the breasts. The skin can be raw, itchy, or weepy, and sometimes it can have a smell. The irritation can get so bad it can lead to cracked skin, which can be very painful.

Unfortunately, for women with larger breasts, the area under the boobs is a warm, moist environment. Left unchecked, it can gather yeast, bacteria, and fungus. A simple brush burn can turn into swelling, sores, and blisters if not treated properly.

Protecting Yourself

So, what causes the rash beneath the breast? During a long day, moisture and heat can build between the breast and the chest’s surface.

The constant friction paired with poor circulation can start to cause a rash. While this issue can happen to anyone, it happens way more often in women with larger breasts.

However, wearing a proper bra can help solve this issue. Unfortunately, wearing the wrong bra can make the problem worse.

Wearing the wrong bra can cause circulation issues if too tight, and the material can also have an effect, especially if you have an allergy. In addition to size and the type of bra, pregnancy can also cause a rash. Also, poor hygiene or even malnutrition are other leading causes. Before you combat boob rash, you have to stop it at the source.

So, How Do We Combat Breast Rash?

The first step to getting rid of and preventing under breast rash is to keep the girls clean and dry. If you exercise often or tend to sweat, be sure to routinely check and clean under your girls to keep them in tip-top shape. It’s not enough to just clean; make sure you keep them dry as well.

Another way to take care of the girls is by getting a well-fitted and supportive bra. If you are prone to boob sweat, choose a natural and breathable material like cotton.

This will help improve air circulation and keep your ta-ta’s drier longer. With a supportive bra, you will get a little extra lift, which will keep the two areas from rubbing against each other.

It’s also a good idea to change out your bra daily. All-day wear can cause the fabric to pull and lose support. Plus, any germs or bacteria that build during the day will still be there the next day. Also, it’s not a good idea to share or reuse a towel for the same reason. The goal is to keep your breasts clean and not encourage bacteria growth; reusing a bra or towel can be a huge step back in the process.

If you want to keep your breasts dry and clean overnight, consider wearing a light cotton bra to bed. This can stop night-time friction and keep your breasts cool. If possible, try to keep your body cool.

Don’t overlayer, and wear clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Cotton, silk, and fleece are good options. Try to keep fabrics at 100% quality or 50% cotton and polyester. When exercising or on hot days, choose a moisture wicking-fabric to battle sweat. With these tips, you can keep yourself rash free!

So, How Do We Combat Breast Rash?

Finding the Right Fit

The best step you can take toward preventing boob rash is getting a proper fitting. With a proper bra fitting, you can find an option that will not only give you extra support but also prevent other issues like overly tight bands, too small cups, and strained straps.

The right fit can provide your breasts with cups that hug your girls and a strong band that will help separate your ta-tas from the problem area. With the right size and material, you can kiss bra rash goodbye.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to getting rid of bra rash, all it takes is a little self-care. The right bra, daily maintenance, and doing your body right is the best way to prevent bra rash.

Take the time to select a bra that fits well and has a material that matches what your body needs. Keep the girls clean, dry, and lifted, and you can avoid the nastiness of under breast rash.

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