Picture this: you’re energized and getting ready for your workout. You throw your hair up in a bun, put on a pair of leggings and your favorite sports bra, and jump to it. But what if you didn’t have your trusty sports bra to rely on? For women before 1975, as crazy as it sounds, that was the case.

As tennis experienced a global boom in popularity in the 1970s and talented female tennis players hit the scene, women who loved watching the sport wanted to try it out for themselves. Yet as we all know, without a supportive bra, doing any high-impact activity can be a pain, to say the least! Enter Glamorise. In 1975, as the world swooned over its newfound love for tennis, we invented the very first sports bra.

The Free Swing Tennis Bra was the first commercially available sports bra in the world, and opened up countless doors for women looking to get out there and tackle high-energy sports for themselves. Though a far cry from today’s sports bras, the Tennis Bra was a revelation, and gave women athletes much needed on-the-go support.

Fast forward almost 50 years later, and our Glamorise Sport collection is ever-evolving and includes a wide array of sports bras designed with curvy women in mind — and we’re still inventing new technology to this day. Our adjustable sports bras feature the support of two bras in one, with a patented one-of-a-kind front panel that lets you customize compression to your desired support level. You won’t find this design anywhere else, which is just one reason why our trailblazing sports bras remain ahead of the curve to this day.

With wire-free and underwire styles fit for sizes up to 50J, our sports bras make good on our promise to provide the utmost comfort and support for curvy women. In celebration of our 100th anniversary this year, and as a nod to our best-selling Sport collection, we’ve debuted a brand-new color in one of our most-loved sports bras. The No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra is available for a limited time in a cool new color: Centennial Aqua. You can find this limited-edition color here.

As always, thanks for trusting us to provide you the active-ready support you need for your workouts. We hope you’ll stick with us for years to come — we’re just getting started!

Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 8/17/21
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