There are so many bras and so many questions.

The bra has come a long way since its invention in 1889. Today, there is a vast selection of bra styles to choose from with a wide range of both functionality and appearance. There is now a special bra for every set of boobs, no matter how big or small, and for every outfit, you could want to wear!

From a wire stabbing, you or a sports bra sagging anymore. Glamorise has many different styles, with band sizes from 30 to 58 and cup sizes from A to L, so every woman can feel amazing and comfortable in her bra.

So Many Bras: Most Popular Bras Explained

Popular Bra Types Explained

This guide is to help you know what the different kinds of bras are and the best time to wear them.

1. Sports Bras

Sports bras offer maximum support and coverage for even your most intense workouts. Glamorise provides a range of sports bras that fit all sizes so everyone can exercise and keep their breasts out of the way!

These bras are best for exercising or any physical activity where your breasts may become uncomfortable if they are not properly supported.

2. Bralettes

These bras are a more casual choice for your boobs as they are usually free of wires and made with comfortable materials. They offer less support and are generally unstructured for a comfortable, relaxed fit.

These bras are great for general wear, going out, or just hanging around the house.

3. T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are padded or unpadded and give your breasts a smooth, rounded appearance.

These bras are seamless and great for wearing under a tight top because they give you a smooth line under your clothing.

4. Strapless Bras

Just how they sound – strapless bras are free of straps, allowing you to wear that cute tube top or strapless summer dress. Some strapless bras slip down or offer little support, but Glamorise’s strapless bra design keeps your boobs supported and covered in every outfit.

Wear these bras when you don’t want bra straps to show.

5. Balconette Bras

Balconette bras are great any-time choice for women with larger breasts. They offer full support, with the straps attached on the side of the cup instead of the middle. This design allows bigger boobs to sit comfortably, even with less coverage.

What to Keep in Mind

6. Front-Close Bras

These bras come on and off easily because you can see the clasp in the front.

Because these front closure bras hook in the front, they often have elegant and intricate detailing in the back that can act as a beautiful accessory to a low-backed shirt or dress.

7. Backless Bras

If you have a closet full of stunning backless dresses, worry no more – we have the perfect bra for you! Show off that back in low-cut dresses or tops without fretting about how your bra looks.

8. Padded Bras

Padded bras are sometimes lumped in with push-up bras, but they are not the same. Both have padding, but a push-up bra’s goal is to create cleavage and amplify your breasts, while a padded bra is more subtle. The extra padding helps give a smooth, round look and provides extra coverage for your nipples.

These are great to wear if your top is thinner, but padded bras work with nearly every outfit.

9. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras are the most padded of all the bras. The thick padding pushes your breasts in and up, giving you fantastic cleavage.

These bras are perfect for when you want to make a top a little sexier or just give your boobs the front and center position they deserve!

10. Plunge Bras

Plunge bras have low-cut center wires that many women with larger breasts find more comfortable. These bras offer less coverage in the front but are still supportive.

Plunge bras come padded or non-padded and are a must for a plunging neckline or revealing top.

What to Keep in Mind

Now that you know about all the different bras available, it’s time to figure out the best bra for you. All boobs are unique, and not every bra is perfect for every woman.

Here are some aspects to consider when shopping for a bra:

  • Shape of your breasts: Are your boobs set higher or lower? Are they asymmetrical? Are they wider set or closer together? This is important to take into account when shopping to decide whether you need full coverage or not.
  • Size of your breasts: The size of your boobs often plays a significant role in what bra will work for you. Do you have larger breasts? Then you should seek out a bra with good support and coverage. Are you less endowed? You may opt for a bralette or wire-free bra.
  • Wired or not: Some people love the secure feeling wired bras give, while others find them uncomfortable and irritating. This is a personal preference, but most well-endowed women opt for wired bras because they offer more support.
  • Padded or not: Similarly to wired bras, padded bras offer more support and coverage, which is excellent for large-breasted women. Padding also helps conceal the appearance of nipples, which makes some women feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Occasion: Where are you going? What are you planning on wearing with this bra? If you do not own and never plan on buying a backless dress, you probably don’t need a backless bra! Think about what kind of clothes you wear the most and what type of bra will work best for specific occasions.

What to Keep in Mind

Concluding Thoughts

It may be tempting to pick your favorite bra, but don’t be too quick to dismiss the variety! The secret to comfort is having the perfect bra for every outfit. A complete, diverse collection of bra types is the secret to happy boobs!

Find your perfect collection of bras at Glamorise and learn to love your bras again!

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