Despite what you may think, a comfortable and supportive bra is not a myth, even for plus-size women. The designers at Glamorise work to create bras for well-endowed women who want to feel comfortable and sexy in their undergarments.

Forget the frustrations of straps cutting into your shoulders or spilling out in the front when you finally thought you found the perfect bra size. Glamorise’s plus-size bras are super comfortable and offer full coverage to keep your boobs right where you want them!

Need A Good Supportive Bra? Glamorise To the Rescue

Common Questions

Sometimes asking for a “comfortable” or “supportive” bra is not enough to find what you want. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes bras comfortable or supportive so that you can shop smart:

1. What Makes a Bra Supportive?

The standard answer is the underwire. Most bras that give good support derive it from an underwire that provides a rigid cup for your breasts to fill.

Another hint that a bra will give you good support is the width. Narrow bras can fail to hold you up where you want them to.

2. What Makes a Bra Comfortable?

Comfort and support go hand in hand. Look for a wider band or wider straps, which can be the key to finding your comfiest bra ever. Bras such as those from Glamorise, made from soft materials, are easier to wear for long periods and often last longer than other, more decorative materials.

What Makes a Bra Comfortable?

3. What Bras Can Plus-Size Women Wear?

The answer is all bras! Many women with larger breasts feel they must wear bras with underwires and full frontal coverage, but no one wants to wear a giant, unattractive band-aid over their chest.

Glamorise makes plus-size bras that are cozy and uplifting but still adorable and sexy. So go ahead and order that lace bralette or plunge bra without worrying if it will come in your size.

4. What Are the Top Glamorise Supportive Bras?

Glamorise prioritizes large breast sizes without sacrificing style. Their best-selling plus-size bras offer full support and come in many fabulous styles and colors.

  • Front-Close T-back WonderWire bra: This bra has hundreds of five-star reviews, with plus-size women exclaiming how this is the most comfortable bra they’ve ever owned. The combination of the adjustable back, cushioned underwire, and secure front closure make it a perfect bra for large-busted women.
  • MagicLift Moisture Control Bra: This adorable bra features soft heathered cups that add a whole new level of comfort. Like all of Glamorise’s plus-size bras, this one has cushioned, wide straps, plus moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and free of sweat.
  • MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra: For the girl on the go, this sports bra has a two-way stretch back that keeps the straps in place while allowing free movement. The sports bra is made with moisture-wicking material and provides medium bounce control to keep your breasts in place throughout your workout.

5. What is MagicLift Technology, and How Does It Help Support?

MagicLift technology brings just the right balance of shape and comfort to give you the perfect amount of lift—bras with MagicLift technology support without the need for an underwire. The contoured, two-piece cups provide full coverage and stop front spillage from happening.

Glamorise knows that a comfortable bra means wider, cushioned straps for a perfectly snug fit. The padded straps offered with MagicLift bras make a world of difference and allow you to happily wear your bra all day long.

Don’t Break the Bank.

Once upon a time, a decent bra could cost you significant money – but now there are a dizzying amount of options to choose from, ranging widely in cost. You can visit a department store and find a bra for under $20, or visit a specialty lingerie store and spend $150, and then wonder how you walked out with just one bra.

So how do you know what the right price is? Trust the experts. At Glamorise, you can get the best bras for your support needs without spending your whole paycheck. Their reasonable prices help you feel confident you are getting excellent quality for a great price.

Don’t Break the Bank.

Now Find Your Favorite Bra

Many women can think of a bra they own and wear often that they don’t enjoy putting on. If you dread wearing your bras, then stop torturing yourself and treat your boobs to what will soon be your favorite bra. No more wires stabbing you, straps digging into your skin, or cleavage falling out of your shirt.

Stop settling for bras designed by people who don’t understand the struggles of large breasts. Get your next bra from the people at Glamorise. They have been designing bras for all body types from the very beginning, whether you are curvy, narrow, or anywhere in between.

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