Finding the right bra that fits like a glove and suits your personal style doesn’t have to be hard. Plenty of designs are available today that you may not have even considered adding to your wardrobe.

When it comes to getting the lean look and adding a little extra support, you might want to try out the longline bra. Unlike the traditional bra, there’s a little more to this trendy design, and it may have just that extra control that you need. Let’s talk about longline bras and the five reasons you should give one a shot.

Longline Bra Benefits: 5 Reasons to Give Them A Try

What are Longline Bras?

A longline bra is a bra that extends past the bustline and down to your waist or hips. The advantage of a longline bra is that it can slim your waistline while offering comfort and support. Longline bras are available in strapless, wired, wireless, or padded styles.

Typically, longline bras are worn as bridal lingerie or under strapless gowns. Most longline bras are perfect under strapless dresses, mainly because they provide extra support, whereas standard strapless bras fall a bit short — especially if you are planning on wearing it for a few hours.

Longline bras fit differently from your everyday bra, mainly because they extend further down the body. You have to include the measurement for your waist and hips and the cup and bust size.

Still, with the correct bra fit, you will achieve a longline look and have extra support for your shoulders or back. This can come in handy for busty girls who want to flaunt a strapless dress or top. So, what exactly are the benefits of slipping into one of these bras?

1. Smooth Lines for Days

If you want to achieve a seamless look, a longline bra can help. Rather than stopping at the bust, longline bras can extend down over your waist and to your hips.

Depending on the bra, you can select a design that can hug and tame your curves for a flawless look. If you don’t want to be squeezed in ‘fitted design’ all day, looser longline bras will still provide a more streamlined look under clothes.

No worrying about bra bulge here! No matter the fabric, you can pull off the perfect look in dresses with less forgiving fabric.

2. Extra Support for the Girls

If you are looking for a little extra support for your back and shoulders, a longline bra may be just what you need! Since these bras extend further than the traditional design, they can offer an extra lift, which can be great for bigger breasts. Sometimes straps and underwires don’t provide enough hold. The longline bra can take some of the weight off, distributing it and relieving that extra stress.

Not only will it give your shoulder and back some relief, you don’t have to have to struggle with pulling up a strapless bra all day.

The longline design is especially great for holding up the girls without the need for extra straps. This is amazing for anyone who likes to wear strapless or unique tops that require a strapless bra. No more worrying about bra slides with this design.

3. Posture gets a Boost

In addition to extra support, a longline bra can do wonders for your posture. Since these bras typically extend down the waist and to the hip, they can help you stand a little taller. With better breast support and stronger equipment, it will be easier for you to hold the rest of your body in the proper position.

4. Waist Shaping

Since this design is more than just the typical bra, the right longline bra can act as a waist-shaper. They tend to have more panels, and, depending on the fabric and style, you can opt for some extra control.

Not only will it give you a smoother shape, but it can also provide you with one! They act as lightweight shapewear, and if you’re looking for a streamlined style, it’s an easy way to take care of any areas you may feel insecure about.

5. Practical

The best reason to pick up a longline bra is the practicality. The design is excellent for special occasions, they have better construction than a typical strapless, and you can wear it under anything for a streamlined look. Plus, since the style has become even more popular these days, you can find a longline bra that fits your fancy. They are simple, supportive, and sexy. There are even longline sports bras!

So, how do you know a longline bra is right for you?

For any design, a bra is only as good as its fit. Before you go buying up longline bras, make sure you get a proper fitting! If a bra doesn’t fit well, you won’t get any benefits from the design.

You don’t get extra support if the cups and lines aren’t the right sizes. Try the longline design out for size, and you may have found your new favorite bra.

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