Terminology can be pretty confusing when it comes to what we wear under our clothes or in the bedroom. Bra, underwear, undies, nightie, undergarment, lingerie; they all blend. When it comes down to it, is there really a difference?

Selecting the perfect garment for an occasion is essential, and believe it or not, there is a difference between lingerie and everyday underwear. So, what do you have in your drawers, and why does it matter?

Lingerie vs Bra: Which Word Do You Use?

What’s the Difference?

When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, both lingerie and bras are undergarments. However, the function of each item is used in a different context. Underwear covers bras, panties, and other concealed items that can make women feel their best, like nylons, corsets, and control wear. Underwear is a catch-all for underclothes that serve a function.

Lingerie is more likened to sets, elegant details, and aesthetic designs. In the end, the differences are all about function. Lingerie can be underwear, but not all underwear is lingerie. It’s not typically used for everyday wear, but more for special occasions. So, what exactly is lingerie?

The Perks of Lingerie

If you are looking for something sexy and sensual for under your wedding dress or want to strut yourself in the bedroom, lingerie is just what you’re looking for. The term, while still technically under “undergarments,” covers more intimate designs. Seductive, intriguing, and high fashion, lingerie isn’t exactly something you throw on before you head out the door. The designs are usually unique, and often choose style over function. Still, that doesn’t mean all lingerie is intended solely for the bedroom.

Lingerie designers often take a more artistic approach when designing these undergarments. They tend to use silky, drapey materials, and they usually come in sets. Teddies, bras, panties, and other items combine for bedroom and bridal sets. These items are not restricted by those occasions, though. You can sport silky lingerie under worktops or dresses, and sometimes outfits require a lighter material.

Still, a lot of pure lingerie doesn’t exactly function as well as everyday wear. Depending on what you buy, it may lack the support and coverage you need in favor of high fashion. However, keep in mind that lingerie has evolved, and you may be able to have the best of both worlds.

The Importance of the Right Bra

When it comes to daily wear, a regular bra is just what you need. They supply support, structure, and they are reinforced and designed for comfort. Of course, to benefit from these details, having the right fit is crucial.

The right bra can create the visuals you want by smoothing lines, pushing the girls up, or even slimming them down. They can often act as lingerie, though the design may not be as fashion-forward as some lingerie sets.

That doesn’t mean you are limited to a plain old nude bra. There are plenty of options with sexy flair and unique designs that fit the bill. However, until some lingerie, they will offer the extra lift you need to get through the day. Plus, we don’t have to wear frilly lace all the time.

When to Wear: Bra Vs. Lingerie

When selecting your undergarments, keep a few things in mind. You can wear whichever option whenever you wish but remember that fit is incredibly important. Lingerie may not function on the level on the same level as typical bras. Its purpose focuses on fashion and sensuality and that doesn’t always translate to useful.

A sexy night teddy isn’t exactly going to hoist the girls where they need to be. Plus, the material may be soft and sexy, but it is not built to last. Be aware of what you are putting on if you want to keep your ta-tas front and center all day long.

When to Wear: Bra Vs. Lingerie

Additionally, while some functional lingerie pieces are out there, these sets’ prices can be expensive. The soft and delicate material also may not be up to the challenge of daily wear. That’s not to say you should just pick up a boring nude bra for every day. Designers have begun to blur the lines between bedroom chic and daily wear. Regular bras can be just as sexy, fun, and functional.

Demi bras, balconettes, and push up bras can give you a boost of confidence and flirtation, and there is no shortage of lace detailed or fun fashion in the bra world. Some even come in cute matching sets with panties for that little extra touch. The plus with these options is that they are built to withstand daily punishment.

Still, when it comes down to it, if you want to feel sexy or have that set for a special occasion, you can’t beat a silky and sensual lingerie set.

Your Little Secret

Whether you want to sport some frilly lace under your favorite top or you’re looking for a more relaxed look, wear what makes you feel best. With the right fit, lingerie or an everyday bra can bring out confidence you didn’t know you had.

Plus, it never hurts to have a little extra support and comfort. Whatever you have in your drawers, embrace your style and never be afraid to try something new.

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