From pioneering the first sports bra in 1975, to our best-selling plus-size sports bra collection now, here at Glamorise we’re all for breaking down stereotypes and showing the world what curvy women can do.

Thanks to social media, there is more plus-size body representation today than ever before, especially in the health and wellness space. We’ve rounded up our favorite curvy athletes to follow who are crushing stereotypes and showing the world that exercise is for everybody. Here are just a few women taking the fitness world by storm:

Amanda LaCount - Dancer & Choreographer

LaCount is a young dancer and choreographer making waves in the entertainment industry. At only 19 years old, she has already built an impressive resume working with superstars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Lizzo. She is a champion for other young plus-size dancers looking to make a name for themselves in an industry often pitted against them.

Kanoa Greene - Surfer & Online Fitness Trainer

Kanoa Greene is the body positive fitness motivation we all need. With a growing follower base and lots of free workouts on her Instagram, she’s a force to be reckoned with. We LOVE her positive outlook and consistently motivating messages. Did we mention she’s a surfer, too?!

Jessamyn Stanley - Yoga Instructor

Jessamyn Stanley is a plus-size yogi championing inclusivity and representation in yoga. With nearly half a million followers, she’s probably graced your own feed once or twice. Stanley preaches that yoga is for everybody, and that working out is an act of both mental and physical self care.

Morit Summers - Personal Trainer

Summers is a plus-size personal trainer and fitness expert showing the world that curvy bodies are strong bodies, too. She encourages women to commit to themselves and their workouts, and to find movements that help them feel strong and to love the bodies they’re in.

Mirna Valerio - Runner

Valerio is a runner and advocate for inclusivity in the health and wellness space. She consistently challenges the stereotype that only thin people are runners, and encourages women of all sizes to get outside and go for that run!

Jessie Diaz-Herrera - Dancer & Founder of Body Positive Dance Class

Diaz-Herrera’s Instagram handle definitely rings true - she does have curves with moves! As the founder of Body Positive Dance Class, she encourages women to get their bodies dancing to benefit both their mental and physical health, and offers online classes for all skill levels.

Author: Maeve Gesualdi
Last updated on: 8/4/21
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