Sometimes the bra you own just isn’t cutting it anymore. Whether the girls are spilling out of the cups or the underwire is cutting into your ribs, it may be time for you to get a fitting. Bras are an essential part of our everyday wardrobe, so when they don’t fit right, it can put a damper on your day. Having a proper fitting is the only way to make sure your current bra size is the right size for your body.

Why is Bra Fit Important?

Why is Bra Fit Important?

Fit is essential when it comes to bras. An ill-fitting bra can cause a host of problems. Without the correct measurements, your bra may not be able to support the ta-tas properly. This can cause your breasts to sag and other discomforts. Are you suffering from shoulder, neck, or back pain? Your bra might be the problem.

In addition to lousy support, the wrong bra can also pinch or rub in sensitive areas below your breasts, on your back, or under your arm. Overall, without a good fitting, you’re going to experience some significant discomfort.

If pain isn’t enough, a poor-fitting bra can also cause a few wardrobe malfunctions, from gaping cups to extra “back fat” from too-tight bands. If you think you might be in the market for a new bra and an updated fitting, here are seven signs you should look for.

1. Baggy Cups

If a bra is fitting well, the cups should hug the breasts firmly. They shouldn’t be so tight they are pushing your breasts out or so loose that the girls are sloshing around. If your cups are folding in or you need to tighten your straps all the way to get them to sit right, you may need to lower your cup size.

You shouldn’t experience wide gaps under your arm, and your underwire should not be digging into your armpit. If your bra isn’t secure on your breasts, it’s time to resize.

2. Your Cupeth Run Over

Just like your breasts shouldn’t be swimming in fabric, they also shouldn’t be choked out of your bra. Spillage is an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, and if your cups cannot contain your ta-tas, it might be time to size up. Be mindful of the type of bra you are wearing as well. Demi bras are cut for a little extra cleavage, so be aware of proper sizing and style.

Still, if you aren’t wearing a bra designed to shove the girls front and center, and your breasts are pushing over the top of your bra, you need a new size. Likewise, side overflow is a sign your cup is too small. Be sure your girls are comfortably contained without feeling like they have to burst.

3. Slipping Straps

One annoying sign that you may need to be resized is slipping straps. If your bra strap refuses to stay put on your shoulder, and you find yourself adjusting all day, you might need a new bra.

A bra strap should sit comfortably on the shoulder, providing a little extra support to the band and the cup. If your strap is completely tightened or has lost elasticity, you might have to check the band and cup sizing.

4. Pinching Straps

At the end of the day, do you have those burning red marks on your shoulder from a long day of bra wearing? Well, that’s another sign you may need a fitting. If your straps are super tight, they are bearing all the weight.

While the straps provide extra support, the band is really what holds your girls up. If your bands are digging into your shoulders, you may need a smaller band size.

5. Underwire is Digging

Nothing is more painful than feeling the dig of an underwire in your ribs or under your arm, that is, unless it’s digging into the bottom of your breasts. If you prefer a bra with an underwire, it should fit snugly and firmly underneath your breasts. Your ta-tas should not be slipping out of the bottom, and the band should not be biting into your skin.

If your breasts are slipping or you’re getting poked in the armpit, you may be wearing the wrong size. Fit is all about securing your breasts; the band and cups should fit snugly, like an extra supportive layer. If you are slipping or getting poked, you may need to downsize.

Underwire is Digging

6. Riding Up or Squeezing Out

Are your shoulders hunched forward and burdened with extra weight? Well, that may be because your band is riding up. If you find that your back is slowly ascending your back, it’s too loose. Unfortunately, that means your girls aren’t getting the support they need. Thankfully, the easy fix for this is going down a band size or two.

On the other hand, if you noticed a distinct outline on your clothes and have a few red marks on your back and under your arm, you might have a band that’s way too tight. Consider adjusting the closure or maybe jumping up a band size.

7. Bra Should Be Snug on the Loosest Hook

This is a simple rule of thumb that can make a world of difference. Bras can get expensive, so you want to make sure they last a while. An easy way to do this is to make sure the band fits snugly on the loosest hook. Bras stretch out over time, and an excellent way to combat this is to slowly reach the tightest hook. If you are on the tightest hook and it’s too loose - it’s time for a fitting.

Finding the Right Fit

If one thing in life is sure, it’s that our bodies are always changing. What fit you five years ago may not fit you as well today. Knowing your size and getting proper measurements is key to all-day comfort. Let’s face it; we spend a lot of time in our bras, so they should fit like a dream.

The perfect fit should hit all the marks, from cup comfort to a snug, adjustable band. If you notice any of these warning signs, do your body a favor and re-measure for a current perfect fit. Give yourself proper support; your body deserves it.

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