Large breasts are not just difficult to fit, but they can be hard on the body. When it comes to weighing your options, getting a breast reduction may be a path you can take to lift the burden and make life a little easier.

The goal is to make a choice that will improve your everyday. If you do decide to get the procedure, post-op care is crucial. It can take weeks to recover, so be kind to yourself and your breasts by wearing the right bras. If you plan to have breast reduction surgery, here’s what you should look for in a bra.

Bras to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery: Essential Guide

What am I Looking for in a Post-Op Bra?

Any type of surgery recovery can be rough, and breast reduction post-op is no different. When selecting a bra, look for something comfortable that will offer the right amount of support. The goal of a good post-surgical bra is to promote quick healing while controlling swelling and holding the girls in proper alignment.

The Goals of a Post-Surgical Bra

The right post-op bra will have the proper amount of compression on your chest, and it should promote blood circulation. Good flow will help decrease inflammation and reduce fluid build-up. A good post-surgical bra will provide the comfort and support you need to heal. Ultimately, you want a bra that will protect your incisions to prevent infection and that offers the support you need so you can move around without worry.

What Your Bra Needs

So, what does the right post breast reduction surgery bra need? For starters, opt for a bra design that has a front closure. Surgery can take a toll on the body, and moving around can be difficult afterward. The last thing may want to do is struggle to get your bra on. A nice front closure should make things simple.

Next, you’ll need a bra that won’t irritate your incision sites, so choose a bra with soft fiber. This will not only feel soft and smooth against your skin, but it will offer another level of comfort while you recover. Additionally, it’s a good idea to select a style that offers controlled compression to promote healing. For added comfort, go for an option with extra supportive padding.

After surgery, your breasts will feel different, and you will want to avoid an underwire for the time being. An underwire can irritate the incision sites and may lead to infection. Finally, make sure your bra can be adjusted easily. Again, you want to promote healing, not struggle with your bra straps or closure. The goal is to make things as easy as possible, so you can recover quickly and safely. So, what are some takeaways you should keep in mind when looking for a post-surgery bra?

1. No wires at all.

Wires are a no-no after surgery. You may not feel them poking into your skin, as you may be experiencing numbness. They can also rub incisions or cause irritation that can slow the healing process. It’s best to avoid wires altogether during recovery.

2. The Right Amount of Compression

As you heal, proper compression can promote good circulation and blood flow, offer support, and protect your surgical incisions. The right amount of compression can also help decrease inflammation and swelling for an easier recovery. When trying to predict what size or the amount of compression you may need, always refer to your doctor so you can make a well-informed decision.

3. Easy to Adjust and Remove

Post-surgery is the worst time to discover how difficult it is to remove your bra. Your body may be sore, and it can be challenging to move around during recovery. Avoid twisting and turning to get your bra fitted properly. Make sure the post-surgical bra you choose is easy to put on and take off. Also, you should have little trouble adjusting it.

4. Offers Proper Support

Proper alignment is crucial when it comes to healing after breast reduction surgery. So, when selecting a bra, make sure it offers good support. Select an option that has sturdy under bust banding or has a longline design since you won’t be using an underwire.

5. Provides Comfort

Surgery can be rough on the body; so, make sure you are kind to it by dressing as comfortably as you can. Choose a post-surgical bra made using soft fibers so they won’t irritate the skin or the incisions. Opt for soft cups or soft padding to offer an additional layer of comfort while you recover.

Headed Toward Recovery

Like any surgery, breast reduction can take a toll on the body. Make sure you are prepared for the aftermath with a comfortable post-op bra. A well-fitting post-surgical bra is vital for a speedy and comfortable recovery. Take the time to care for yourself, and be sure to ask your doctor for any suggestions.

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